Winding Paths and Hidden Gems: Top Apps for Planning and Enjoying City Walking Tours

There is nothing better than just putting on those walking shoes or boots and walking through the city. You can either go out on a whim and end up somewhere adventurous and mysterious or take a guided tour of the city.

There are a few apps that will help you along the way of viewing the city in all its splendor and glory. These mobile apps will help lead the way so you don’t have to worry about where you’re going and instead focus on the world around you.

Adventurous Apps

For those of you looking to see what is going on around you, check out the Field Trip application. You’ll be able to wander and then pull the app up to find what some cool places are by you. It drains minimal data but it will need to access your GPS and location to get the job done.

Leave the application on and you’ll receive notifications about restaurants, various shops and landmarks.

Nearby there is information pulled about varying buildings and it can even help you if you’re tired on your feet and decide to get driving. There is even a feature that allows the app to speak to you through your headphones.

For those that are more historically minded then take a look at Histroypin. The majority of cities are hundreds of years old, if not more. There is rich history and stories left in those stone walls.

An app like this will pop up with an old picture of a location based on where you are and then also offers an interactive map. The majority of these photos and other information comes from a crowd sourced community.

If you’re looking for a formal tour with the app, there is the option of turning on its preplanned excursion tool to figure out where you’re going. Another great app that offers the best of both of these is something called Detour that will show you what all those buildings are, you’re under.

Helpful Application 

An app that will help you before you even decide to go on a spontaneous walk is the Weather Live Free app for Android. If you’re looking for a detailed forecast of the weather during that day or upcoming week, this is a must have. The weather can be frisky and change at will, so you’re going to have to be careful on when you plan these walks, especially if it’s an unplanned affair.  

Group Travel

Stray Boots is our final app for groups. It combines the different aspects of a city tour with some fun activities to do as well. Think of a scavenger hunt filled with some photo opportunities or trivia along the way. Some of these preplanned tours are fun for the whole group and family. A full tour can take a few hours and you’ll be able to explore the whole city without missing a beat. Have fun on your walking times and use some of these apps to help you out!

This guest article was written by Max Crawford. Max enjoys taking European city breaks, most recently having come back from Rome. He is also a keen golfer and writes about the two in his articles.