3 Ways To Use Family Vacations to Educate Your Kids About Art

Art as a whole is an invaluable tool that has been used through the generations to express a myriad of different ideologies, beliefs, emotions, experiences, and cultural situations, among many other things to its viewer. It is the ultimate expression of the human condition. Every human being has a unique key that unlocks an alternate dimension. Their eyes, their heart, and the work of their hand is the expression of that dimension, and you as the viewer get to not only peer through the keyhole, but you get to walk through the door they’ve opened to you.

Art teaches you more than you could ever imagine. If you’re drawn to a variety of art through the expression of different mediums and you’re curious as to how and why you should pass on this passion to your children, consider using family vacations as one method to open your kids up to the world of possibilities. Here are 3 ways you can use family vacations to educate your kids about art:


Art galleries seem to be everywhere that you look, but they’re extremely prevalent in tourist towns and cities. The reasons are because travel itself is the expression of culture, and culture is captured in art. What better way to educate your children about art and culture than to walk them through a Park West Gallery on your next family cruise. The amazing thing about galleries is that no two galleries are alike. Every piece of art is a one-of-a-kind original. Seeing this from a young age teaches your child that individuality is beautiful and valuable.

Walk the Streets

When you walk the streets, you’ll also pass all sorts of art galleries on your way through whatever town or city or country that you’re visiting, but you also get a look at the type of art that isn’t present in galleries of the like. You get a look at the immediate street culture and how people living, walking, and existing in the now are using their circumstances, their surroundings, and their resources to create.

When you walk the streets with your children while on vacation, you see sculptures carved from cement, you see painted brick and you hear music echoing down the narrow streets, and you become inspired. There’s nothing like it and your child will be led from a young age to ask questions and know that all creative things hold monumental beauty.

See Live Performances

All aspects of art offer something different to the viewer. A person can see the same painting twice and get a different impression each time. The same can be said for live performances. The interactive aspect of this kind of art keeps young children intrigued and they see how it’s possible to use your body, your movements, your voice, your face, your words, and a plethora of other things to create art and impact the world. Seeing live performances while on vacation with your family just opens them up to experience and learn more and that’s invaluable.