The Ultimate Guide to Packing for Your Vacation

Is your holiday trip getting closer? The excitement is growing, you can’t wait to close the door of your house and head out to your well-deserved vacation. Unfortunately, with the excitement comes the frustration of packing. Washing all your clothes just so you can have options on the day of the packing, getting your shoes or bags repaired, or going shopping for things you absolutely need to bring along. All these activities make us so tense and hectic, that we end up forgetting some of the essentials for our trip, which makes us really anxious about the whole process before it even starts. Get ready to end your suffering. We will help you create a universal packing list so you never need to stress about it again.

Clothes and Shoes

Let’s start with what you will wear on your trip. Start from underwear, socks, stockings, then move on to pants, shirts, T-shirts and skirts, dresses, or suits, depending on your needs. After that, pack shoes, sneakers, and slippers, again, depending on the type of trip. Bring a swimsuit or a jacket or any other clothes unmentioned here, but suitable for your trip. Don’t get carried away and start packing any piece of clothing you like and think you might wear on some occasions during your trip. Pack what you really need. Choose the clothes that fit the occasion. For example, if you’re going to be sightseeing all the time, you won’t need many dresses and formal wear. Be reasonable, don’t pack a bunch of clothes that will just take up all the space in your suitcase.


Think about your everyday routine and which toiletries it involves. Toothbrush, luxury soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, sanitizer, and everything else you use in your bathroom every day. Pack everything that you can’t survive your day without. If something is out of stock, purchase them right away from an e-store like The Cleaning Collective (Click Link here) or from a local utility store. Additionally, don’t forget cotton wool, tampons, make-up, and nail polish remover. Pack some make-up, but don’t exaggerate. Depending on the type of accommodation, you may have to bring towels and a hair dryer, Check if you’re not sure whether or not they are included in your place of stay.

Medical Supplies

Don’t overlook the importance of packing your essential medical supplies when you travel. Your top priority should be your prescribed medications. For instance, if you have diabetes, it’s vital to bring along your insulin, glucose monitoring tools, diabetic-friendly snacks, diabetic socks like those from Circufiber, and an emergency kit containing extra insulin and glucagon. Ensuring you have these medical necessities on hand will help you manage your health condition effectively while you’re away from home. After that, try to predict any possible ailments that might happen. Bring painkillers, antibiotics, something to prevent a cold and high fever, creams, or gels against bug bites or stings. Make a list and go to a nearby discount chemist and get all you need for your medicine bag.


I personally don’t like to bring too many gadgets, but if you really need your laptop, bring it. If not, a tablet is a much more convenient option. You will probably need your phone and your camera. Your phone should be in your hand luggage, but its charger should be in the suitcase. Always check the number of appliances and the number of chargers. If your camera needs extra batteries and a battery charger, or your memory card is full, check and solve these issues beforehand.

Hand Luggage

Your hand luggage should just have your essentials while traveling. This includes your phone, money, passport, ticket, and possibly tissues, chopsticks, and some other little things you might need on the go.

These were the main topics you need to cover when packing. The rest is optional and falls under the category of miscellaneous. As long as you have your universal list, you can just modify it a little bit to fit in with the type of trip you’re having and there you have it – a stress-free packing!