Travel Medicine Bag

It can safely be said that present-day humanity is getting addicted to prescription drugs. Unfortunately, this is only one side of the story. You see, in 2017, the air we breathe is not clean, the food we eat is not good for us and the less we say about work-related stress the better. This is why one of the fields that develops the fastest in the 21st century is pharmaceutical industry. There seems to be a drug for every purpose and if you’re planning a trip to a distant location, there are a few basic medications you simply must have on you at all times. Here are some of them.


It goes without saying that you should start packing your medicine bag from the aspirin. Why? Well, simply because it is a multi-purpose drug which helps with anything from toothache and headache to a common cold. Keep in mind that going on a long-distance journey usually means changing a climate and time zone, both of which can seriously disturb your metabolism and cause the aforementioned issues. Furthermore, for those who recently had a surgery on clogged arteries, aspirin helps prevent blood clots since it acts as a natural blood thinner. A word of advice, you shouldn’t give aspirin to persons under the age of 12 before consulting a doctor. Moreover, if necessary one can also carry any of the natural blood thinners, instead of aspirin, if they fear the side effects of using a drug like aspirin.


Earlier, we mentioned that overseas voyage entails drastically changing the environment, but this is not all. It also means changing the culture, which inevitably has you faced with a different cuisine. Sometimes, you won’t be in best agreement with the new content of your dish, which can cause constipation. To solve your problem, what you need is a reliable medication capable of working out this problem without the use of dangerous substances. Your safest bet here is Movicol, which works together with your body in order to dissolve the hardened stool and relieve you of this problem.


The aforementioned situation is as likely to cause you diarrhea as it is to cause constipation which can be even more troubling. You see a constipation is a problem no matter where you are, while diarrhea may keep you room-bound for a great deal of your journey. Luckily, this problem is easily solvable with something as simple as Imodium.


Finally, you should never rule out the possibility of getting injured while on the trip, which is why you should always bring an antiseptic cream with you. Here, your options are wide open and you have a myriad of products to choose from. Of course, they differ in price, efficiency and content, but what they all have in common is that they get the job done. Naturally, you also need to have some bandages, Band-Aids and some gauze for disinfection of the wound. This is especially vital if you want to explore your adventurous side and embark on long hiking adventures or even try your hand at some extreme sport.


Some people worry about how many pills they should take, but this mostly depends on two factors. The first one is for how long you intend to stay. A five-day trip and a three-week vacation do not require the same amount of medication in your travel medicine bag. Moreover, some people have a chronic headache which is why the aspirin is more important to them than to some other people. In other words, the amount of medication you take depends both on you and on the trip, but it is vital that you take at least bare minimum. It is better to have them on you and never use them than to need them and don’t have them.