Sweden, the landscape to lure nature lovers

You mention the word ‘Sweden’ and inadvertently the images of pristine lakes and idyllic surroundings come to mind. The crystal clear waters with clean air would mesmerize you and you feel as if you are soaking in the aroma of nectar along with the air. The shimmering of the water bodies at Stockholm would make you feel as if you are in Venice with more cleanliness. It has about thirty thousand islands and the timber houses on those islands would transform you to the past when life was simple and the wood house would make you feel as if in some royal palace and nature is coddling you with all her bounties. Even if you have less time you must not miss exploring the archipelago on a boat. You Europe tour package would feel enriched with the experience. Sigtuna is another gift of nature to Sweden and she invites you to explore her bounty on Europe tour. Lake Malaren along the town gives its shimmering joy to the town and the inhabitation feel enlightened with that gift. If you love art and craft you can visit a number of boutiques dealing in handicrafts and designer items. But you must keep in mind that to explore Sweden well, you need to allocate a relaxed amount of time in your Europe package as rush on your trip will not let you enjoy the place well.

Visby in Gotland is one place that you need not explore while being in rush to take the next flight. Just take a walk on the cobblestone streets snaking around the town and you would forget all the other places that are there in your Sweden tour package, you would just stay there with no thought of other things in the world. The place is called the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’ and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and when you see the medieval structures, you would corroborate the declaration. There are a number of other places that should be a part of your Sweden tour package including the Gota Canal, Kiruna in Lapland and Drottningholm.

Nature has endowed Sweden with a number of bounties to elate you and it’s upon you to decide how soon you can explore the beautiful area as a part of your Europe holiday package. When it comes to customizing package to take you on Sweden tour, your trusted companion SOTC is always there.