Getting Some Alone Time on a Family Vacation

With summer just around the corner, the quintessential season of family vacations is almost here. If you’re like most families, going on vacation is a much needed time to bond as a family, but as a busy parent, you could benefit from alone time, too.

Here are some tips for getting a little time alone while on vacation:

First of All, Don’t Feel Guilty

Did you and your spouse take turns driving during a ten-hour road trip? Did you hear “Are we there, yet?” at least 20 times? You are, without a doubt, tired and need a break already. A lot of parents feel guilty for asking for some alone time while on a family vacation. If you feel bad, don’t; you deserve some down time while on vacation. Think of an hour of alone time as a way to recharge and be a fun and adventurous parent.

Take Turns With Your Spouse

Afraid that your spouse won’t be on board with you wanting some alone time? Offer the opportunity to him or her as well. Rather than comparing who needs R & R more than the other, take turns. You get an hour or two one day, and your spouse gets the same amount of time another day.

Have an anniversary coming up or just want to show some appreciation? Surprise your spouse with an afternoon at a spa or doing something that he or she loves.

Relax and Unwind

Do you always pack a book on a family vacation, but never take the chance to open it? Find a quiet coffeeshop, wine bar, or shady spot of grass and crack open the book. Wanting to catch up on your favourite TV shows or sports events? Look for a service provider such as can be found at that offers the ability to record them prior to going away. Are you dying to sunbathe without worrying about watching your kids or being begged to make a sandcastle? Find another beach that’s not near your beach rental.

Love to kick back and enjoy a little poker or slots? Rather than scouring your vacation destination for a brick and mortar casino, go online, read some casino game tutorials, and play a couple of rounds of poker from the comfort of a beach chair. There are no rules to what you do, just revisit some of the things you love, and that help you relax.

Plan a Date Night

Once you and your spouse have each had a little time to unwind, individually, why not try to plan a date night? If you’re in desperate need of alone time, you probably haven’t had the chance to have a date night either.

If your kids are old enough to stay alone for a few hours, head to a nearby restaurant within walking distance from where you’re staying. Depending on where you’re staying, you may have the opportunity to take advantage of childcare services so that you can enjoy the night out without worry.

Part of being a family is requesting and benefiting from alone time. Even though a family vacation is an opportunity to bond, don’t forget to take a little time for yourself so you can enjoy your time with your family even more.