In It For the Long Haul: Killing Boredom on a Long Flight

Whether flying in a group of friends or couple, or complete with kids in tow, any flight plans to a long haul destination always present the same entertainment dilemma, perhaps no matter how experienced you are. If you’re travelling with the children, though, there are some ideas that might surprise you with their versatility for all age groups.

Colouring Books

Famously now available in adult form, colouring books are an undemanding way to both calm the nerves and focus the mind. They are surprisingly fun and engaging, and thought to be very effective in reducing stress. These are now likely at the bookshop in departures too, so a last minute grab before you board your flight might be a good idea.

In-Flight Entertainment


Nowadays many airlines provide a wide range of films on their in-flight entertainment, and there is often a wide range of T.V channels available. But if you’re all movied out, or there is just nothing to your taste, load your favourite films and shows on one or two of the most portable devices before you go. To save lugging the weight of paper books around, you could store some good reads on the tablet and take one or two paper books. Or download podcasts to listen to on topical issues. Just make sure you have plenty of charge on any devices in time for the flight.


The quiet times during a ten hour flight might be a good time to aim for reaching level 100 on three-in-a-row type games, or flicking through the many apps you or the kids have built up on devices. To entertain the kids, you can engage them with something challenging like sudoku or crosswords that can be found on sites like Arkadium or similar game websites. For the adults, online casino games might not be the first thing to come to might to stave off boredom in a cramped space, but why not bring the excitement of the casino to your seat. It will help you concentrate without demanding too much effort, and offer the thrill of possible huge winnings at potentially no cost. Look for sites that give you a good deal and generous deposits, and this will keep the costs down. You can play online at Betway who will match your first deposit with an equal amount.


Old Fashioned Games

If you haven’t got access to Wi-Fi or need to save battery power, think miniature checkers and connect four, where you can store the pieces inside the playing board which clicks shut. Many people keep these bits and pieces in one small portable drawstring bag in their hand luggage. You would be surprised at how small a size the packs of cards can come in. I remember the brilliantly portable set we used to get from Christmas crackers, and they are perfect for travel. Three people can easily be arranged around the middle seat-back table for gameplay.

The best games are often ones involving not carrying anything at all, such as I Spy and even role-playing for the younger ones. You can adapt and improvise. If the stress of arrivals and luggage has made you forget the excitement as a child of being up in the air above the clouds, take the time to look out of the window every once in a while. That is a view that never does get old.