An Overview of Common Expat Pitfalls When Renting in India

Expats who have located to India will need to find their own accommodation. Renting in a foreign country is routinely a little harder than it would be at home, and each country has its own list of peculiarities. Here are four things to watch out for when you’re looking for a place to rent in India.

Not Taking a Rental Contract

Any expat who is going to seek employment in India needs to be in possession of a PAN (Personal Account Number) Card. To receive a PAN card, you will need to provide evidence of having found a permanent address in India, and this is not something you will be able to do without having a rental contract. Unfortunately, many landlords will try to rent out their properties without using a contract. This is done to avoid the need to make tax payments.

Disregarding Your Marital Status

Your marital status is important when renting in India, especially if you are a man. Landlords usually dislike renting to bachelors since they assume they might be noisy, and this means you will sometimes need somebody to vouch for your character. If you are married, make sure you tell the landlord before you start to ensure that you are treated well; if you aren’t make sure to dress well to avoid any negative associations.

Paying to See a Property

One of the more common scams that agents will try in India is to have you pay to see properties. They may try to convince you to provide payment in numerous ways, but remember that this is not something that you need to do. A property should always be shown free of charge.

Not Asking About All Furnishings

In most western countries, an unfurnished apartment comes with no furniture. In India, an unfurnished apartment may come with no air conditioners or cooking appliances, so make sure you know exactly what comes with the place before you commit. One thing that you should look for is a generator or battery back-up; power blackouts are common in India, so you need to be prepared.

If you’re relocating to India, making sure that you have your health insurance organised is just as important as finding a place to call home. And when finding the right health insurance company you need to do you research. Here are ten tips from Expacare who have been providing specialist health insurance for expats for over 30 years:

Don’t be afraid to browse the market for the best quote, regardless of whether you are looking to go alone or as part of a group. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy India without any worries.