French Alps: The Dream Destination for a Ski-Vacation with your Family

You don’t have to be a James Bond aficionado to want to have an urge to ski, and it is completely understandable. Right from the trolley ride to the end of your ski run, it is an experience like no other. Perhaps it is only human to be able to look at extreme terrain conditions and say, “Hey! I think this could be a sport”. The icy wind hitting your cheeks as you glide downhill on the fluffy frozen water with your heart racing is an experience like no other.

There are a lot of places to ski in Europe but perhaps the best and the most diverse terrain can be found on French Alps. Located in the Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, most of the French Alps stand completely in France, apart from a few ranges like the Mont Blanc massif, which shares its borders with Italy and Switzerland.

The French Alps, a phenomenal location which has more than a 1000km of pistes combined, is a place your family is bound to fall in love with. Locations like Chamonix, Ape d’Huez, Les Carroz, Megeve are ideal places to Ski.  So head over to and let their expert hand take care of you and your loved ones, especially if you have kids. Their child care is truly awesome and one of a kind.

Still not convinced? Well, read on then. The French Alps are the stuff that dreams are made up of.

Certainly, There will be Snow

The sure shot snowy destination of The French Alps will certainly be laden with ample slush to have fun. Starting from December all the way to May, you will surely find tons of ski-able sites all over the place. Let’s face it. If you have arranged for a vacation and the family, especially the kids do not get what they expect; you will have to face a lot of humiliation for it.  Chances are they will never trust you again. For this reason, The French Alps is sure not to fail you.

You will have to keep in mind though; every season has its own kind of weather. Although snow is guaranteed, the circumstances and quality will vary. The end of December is when it all starts. As the first snow of the year blankets the landscape, the Christmas trees light up and the church bells and the choir make way for the New Year’s week, you will find yourself delighted, surrounded by the festivities. For this reason, it is the most expensive time to visit but it is completely worth it.

If you are looking for something less expensive and a lot less crowded, then the first two weeks of January are the best time for your perfect, secluded, and tranquil ski holiday.

Honestly, any time of the season is a lot of fun. So chose one that suits you and your family’s preferences.

Skilled Trainers for the First Timers

You might have dabbled in the fun winter sport, but for your son or your daughter, this might be the first time for them. Without proper instructors, they might be scared to take their first step and indeed, skiing can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Worry not; there are many highly trained ski instructors in all ski resorts. Rates are also reasonable, especially the packages for more than one person. There are also lifeguards and rescue teams at hand making your experience safe yet exciting. Also remember to buy proper skiing clothes and equipment when you go there.

Something for Everybody

Most ski destinations have slopes that are too easy or just downright treacherous, what they lack is a solid middle ground. One that isn’t just easy as cake or only for the big pros. This is why the French Alps is the place to be if your family consists of people of mixed experiences. There are slopes that are for the beginners and then there are slopes that challenge you to do a little more and all through to the most exciting and demanding ones. There is something for everybody.

The Food

After a heart-racing session of hurtling and swooshing, after getting exhausted from the exhilarating experience you’ve had, it is of utmost importance that the agent of replenishment, A.K.A the food, is scrumptious. The French Alps with its large number of resorts, including the top ones like Val d’Isère, Chamonix and ValleeD’Illiez offer tons of choices in terms of both eating in and eating out. From French cuisine to other international cuisines, you will find that these restaurants, with their great food and service, will leave no room for complaints.

Teaching the Kids

Childhood is the time when a person is yet to become rigid and set and is probably the most receptive. It is really important that we teach our children the values of day to day life whenever we can. What better way to teach them the values of safety than bringing them on a ski trip to the French Alps? Teaching them how simple mistakes can be avoided by taking proper precautions beforehand and if proper efforts are not made in advance, how they can snowball (terrain pun check!) into something bigger. Also, you will get ample chances to teach them the importance of helping others.

For your Spouse

A day at the beach would mean that you have to be constantly vigilant. You will perhaps be worried sick if your child goes a little too close to the waves. Here this is not a problem. You just let them go with the instructor or if they are really small then put them in child care and have a few hours for just the two of you. Having fun on the slopes together or even competing against each other to re-kindle that flame. If it is just the two of you, and you don’t have kids then there are fun packages for couples too. Let that college romance live on as you slide towards serene white vistas holding each other’s hands.

Of Course, the View

All the things stated above, while certainly required for a good enjoyable holiday, are not what sets the French Alps apart from other holiday destinations. Let’s put it this way when you see the sun setting over Mont Blanc from Chamonix, blow your mind and leave you in a daze for hours. When the yellows turn into reds and then into blue, you will know that that is something the entire world’s money put together could not afford. The priceless moments you will share with your family will be etched in your memory. When you come back from your vacation, your friends will ask you about your trip and of course, you will tell them all the stories, every little detail, right down to the last snowflake. But when your mind goes to the memory of that sunset, you will be rendered speechless again. You will fail to communicate with words because there are none. Only emotions, pure emotions. The only thing might be able to tell them is to see it for themselves.

If you have made up your mind but you are worried because you don’t have skis or other equipment then relax. There are tons of places you can rent from once you land.   So pack your bags, take your ski clothes and book your ski passes. It’s snow-time!