Best Family Trips Around the World

So, you figured out how to decrease auto insurance costs by taking a defensive driving course online, and now you’re looking for something to spend those savings on. We recommend a family trip. Maybe you have a tour you’ve planned for years, a visit to Disney World or Hawaii or Bermuda. Maybe you’ve wanted to explore the Australian outback your whole life, or you want to cruise the West coast from Alaska down to Mexico. Or maybe you’ve never really given it much thought, and you need some suggestions to get you started. If that’s you, here are some ideas you might like:

South African Safaris

You could take the kids to the zoo to look at a few goats and maybe a spider monkey who just wants to hide in the bushes instead of coming out to see everyone. Or you could take them right to the source where they can get up close and personal with a wide variety of animals in their natural habitat. The most popular South African safari is probably Kruger Park, but we’d recommend exploring the small reserves throughout the KwaZulu-Natal province if you want to see cheetahs and elephants and all sorts of wild critters outside of cages.

Bicycle and Boat Tours in Vietnam

Vietnam is probably the home to the most beautiful boat rides in the world. Tall, rocky islands pop out of the ocean like skyscrapers, layered with thick tropical foliage against a background of blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Vietnam loves catering to tourists, so you can easily find tours that include everything from bicycle trips and boat rides to cooking lessons and stage shows. Our advice: Look for downtimes before booking a trip, because it’s Summer almost all year round in Vietnam, and skip the hotels, rent a houseboat, instead, and let the gentle waves rock you to sleep.

Sailing in British Virgin Islands

Sailing with your kids in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an unparalleled family adventure, offering a perfect blend of breathtaking scenery and memorable bonding experiences. The archipelago’s pristine waters, secluded coves, and gentle trade winds create an idyllic setting for a family sailing excursion. However, it’s essential to be mindful of local rules when traveling to the British Virgin Islands. For instance, do not try to bring fresh food into BVI when traveling there, as adhering to local regulations ensures a smooth and respectful visit. Likewise, ensure adherence to responsible tourism practices, including proper waste disposal and conservation efforts, to preserve the natural beauty of these islands for future generations. Additionally, familiarize yourself with local traditions to engage respectfully with the BVI’s warm and welcoming community, enhancing your family’s cultural experience in this extraordinary sailing destination.

Tour the Southwest By Horseback

You may have been through Arizona and New Mexico by car a few times. Don’t you ever wonder what those dusty mesas look like up-close? Booking a family horseback trip through the Southwest, along old Navajo trails and cattle routes, you’ll feel like you traveled back to the Southwest, cooking over an open fire every night and taking in the desert by moonlight. There are companies that offer guided tours, which is what we would advise for anyone who has never taken a long horseback ride solo before.

Costa Rica

When you hear the term tropical destination, you’d likely imagine palm trees, white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, waterfalls, and perhaps, lakes in the mainland. That is precisely what you would find in Costa Rica. Whether you want to relax in a Luxury resort in Costa Rica or go on an adventure, there could be activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. You could take the family out for some water sporting activities and treks for some extreme fun, or unwind in a spa at your resort. What’s more, the nation is said to be one of the happiest in the world, so you could expect the native people to be very hospitable and welcoming to you and your family.


Most people who come to Morocco just like the idea of exploring the beautiful little towns and haggling with merchants or checking out the Summer getaway resorts. Take our word for it: Those are tourist traps. The real beauty in Morocco is found in the wilderness, hiking, biking, Jeeping, horseback riding and camping along the rocky, sandy mountains. This is one of the most amazing getaways in the world for outdoorsy people. Don’t waste it spending it all indoors or just hanging out by a swimming pool. They’ve got a swimming pool at your kid’s high school and another one at the YMCA. Why travel halfway around the world to do something you can do at home for free?

Taking a trip with the family can be an incredible experience with a little bit of planning. While some of these tours can be a little pricey, a smart shopper can easily spend half of what a typical tourist spends. Be patient, plan well in advance, and you shouldn’t have a problem getting a good deal on a high-end adventure.