The Best Way to Travel Across the US

Do you intend on taking a cross-country trip in the not-so-distant future? If this is the case, there are some things you will have to take into consideration. First, there is the matter of how much it is going to cost. It really will not need to be outside of your budget range, if you think smart and do some planning ahead, like taking a defensive driving course to reduce your auto insurance. Read on for 4 tips for travelling across the United States.

Mode of Transportation

Of course, you will have to decide what mode of transportation you plan on using for your cross-country travels. There are many from which to choose.

If you would rather relax and sit back in comfort, a train ride would be ideal for you. The train can be quite expensive, but if you request the tickets and pay well in advance, you can get a great deal. Also, you may be eligible for money saving passes. Amtrak is one of the most well-known trains that runs across the United States, though it does not travel through some Western states. Some of the more out-of-the-way locations only have the Amtrak train pass through once a day, which can be a hassle if it is super early in the morning and you somehow can’t get there on time. Luckily, there are local train services in many areas.

If you are on your own and would like to stop at various locations, the bus is ideal. There are several long-distance bus companies that you may consider, such as Greyhound. It is less expensive than the train, and tends to run more often in most areas.

Road Trip by Car

One of the most romantic notions about road trips is “roughing it” in a car the whole way. When you or a loved one is driving, you can choose which route to take, how fast or slow you travel, and likely have somewhat more leg room.

If you want to avoid putting the extensive mileage on your vehicle, you should consider renting a car. Many individuals do this when they are about to go on a vacation. There are auto rental companies located all over the country. Do your research by looking online and asking for recommendations to determine which has the best reputation and would be a great fit for you. Just make sure you check out the 5 things (you won’t believe) you need on your road trip and to set up renter’s insurance to cover any type of damages that may occur.

Fun with Cycling

If you are a cycling enthusiast and are fit enough to handle the long distance, why not take your bicycle out for the challenge? Several big cities have implemented cyclist-friendly amenities, including local buses equipped with bike holders and creating cycling lanes. You can check out aspects such as what motels, campgrounds, and restaurants are around. If you do not already have them, pick up tools like spare tires, an mtb helmet mips that fits well, padded shorts, and panniers. Do your best to avoid highways, instead choosing paved rural roads.

Try Geocache

Are you a fan of solving puzzles? How about scavenger hunts? It’s exciting to go on a geocache adventure. This is especially fun if you are travelling with young children.

Geocache sites are located all over the United States. There are lists online with the parks and other locales that contain geocache treasure boxes. You can connect to a map that uses your GPS to direct you to the spot. You even can earn a badge or some other type of recognition for finding a certain number of the geocache locations.