5 Fun Things To Do In France

France is known for being one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world.  Between its romantic atmosphere, beautiful language, and rich history, it’s no wonder why millions of tourists visit every year.

As you start to prepare for your trip, it’s best to create a rough idea of what you’ll do.  Although you should remain flexible and open to improvisation, it’s helpful to know some of the best things that you should include in your itinerary.  

Visit Wineries

It’s no secret that France is known for its incredible wines.  Not only is it fun to drink the wine, but it can be a wonderful experience to visit the wineries and see how it gets made.

Since many of the wineries are rooted in the country and not accessible by public transportation, it may be easiest to rent a car.  That way you can wander as you please and check out all of the places you want to see without having to depend on anyone else. Just make sure that you stay under the legal drinking limit, so you avoid getting into an accident and injuring yourself or someone else. Getting into problems with the law isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun vacation!

Visit The Market

Visiting French markets is a great way to check out the local producers and taste amazing flavors.  You can find artisanal cheese and fresh product straight from the farm. Although some places have markets every day, usually Sunday is known for the biggest markets.  

Make sure that you arrive early so that you find the freshest products and avoid the crowds.

Go On a Bike Tour

Going on a bike tour is a fun way to check out the local sights and get in a little exercise at the same time.  A local guide will take you through the city and show you historical landmarks and notable locations that you might not have otherwise known about.

If you prefer to avoid tours and crowds, you can always get a map and rent a bike on your own.

Do Some Shopping

France is home to some of the most famous designers in the world.  Spending some time checking out the shopping scene can be a fun experience and opportunity to treat yourself.

You can splurge on gifts for yourself or buy things to bring back to your family and friends back at home.

Eat Gourmet Food

You can’t leave France without trying all of the fantastic foods that it has to offer.  French is known for its world-class cuisine, so make sure that you get a taste before you leave.

Traditional dishes such as confit de canard and Cote de Boeuf are just a few of the incredible dishes waiting for you in France.