3 Tips for Preparing For A Family Trip To Mt. Everest

If you have a very active family, you might be considering planning a family vacation that allows for everyone to get outdoors and push themselves to their physical limit. For many families, one place that seems to be calling their names is Mt. Everest. However, if you and your family would like to eventually take a trip here and attempt to summit this mountain, you’re going to have to ensure that you’re all as prepared as you can be for this excursion. So to help ensure that you’re able to make this trip and find the success and experiences you’re hoping for, here are three tips for preparing for a family Trek to Everest Base Camp.

Train Together Before You Leave Home

To be prepared for taking on a mountain like Mt. Everest, you’re going to have to put in some serious training hours before you get to Nepal. For climbing this mountain as a family, Jeff Evans, a contributor to Travel Channel, advises that you all try to train together quite a bit before you leave for your trip. By putting in the miles together, you’ll be able to see what challenges you might have to face together regarding physical capabilities, mental attitudes, and individual strengths and weaknesses. Gaining this experience before you make it to Everest can be invaluable for your party.

Learn To Be Okay With Resting

When you’re mountain climbing with a group, it’s going to be safest for you all to stay together. What this means is that those who are faster climbers will end up having to wait for the slowest climber at certain points. And to keep this from driving you crazy, Nikki Marshall, a contributor to The Guardian, advises that you learn to be okay with resting. When you’re hiking around at this altitude, you’re going to want and need to take more breaks that you might normally on your mountains back home. But with air this thin, you’ll really need to pace yourself and take the proper care of your body so you can make it as far as you can.

Get Your Gear In Order

Leading up to your trip, it’s crucial that you ensure that everyone in your family has all the gear they’ll need at least a few weeks before you plan to get to Nepal. According to Lauren Matison, a contributor to Lonely Planet, getting all your gear in order weeks or even months before your trek will give you the chance to get to know what you’ll be working with and have time to get any necessary replacements if things prove to not be as useful or high-quality as you had anticipated.

If you and your family would love to take a trip to Mt. Everest, consider using the tips mentioned above to help ensure you’re prepared for all this adventure entails.