Why you should look for a boutique serviced apartment for your next holiday accommodation?

Finding the right holiday accommodation for your family can be challenging, particularly if you are looking in a city where location and amenities can play such a big part in the quality of your stay. For that reason, we have put together a guide on what to look out for when you are on the lookout for your next boutique serviced accommodation. 

  1. Look for a good advert on a listing website

The phrase ‘boutique serviced apartment’ conjures up images of sheer luxury however you should make sure you do your research on the internet. Look for a listing with a lot of images and plenty of highly descriptive text. This will help show you the differences between a boutique serviced apartment and a second rate shack. 

  1. Make sure the right amenities are advertised for the boutique serviced apartment 

Leading on from the listing analysis, make sure you know exactly what amenities you want from your boutique serviced apartment before you put down any money. For the term ‘boutique’ you should expect fresh towels, linen, and a robust entertainment system. 

Having the correct amenities in your apartment will help you enjoy your stay and stop you having to fork out for unexpected bills further down the line of your stay. If the amenities are not located within the apartment have a look at the listing to see if they are nearby in the city. 

  1. Check the reviews of boutique serviced apartments 

The final part of your online check of a boutique serviced apartment should be an in-depth look at the reviews on whichever website you are on. Keep an eye out for any stand out 1-star rating. This will help you judge the quality of the boutique serviced apartment from those who have had first-hand experience. 

Seek out the city’s best provider of boutique serviced apartments Holidays are a time when we can truly switch off from the struggles of day to day life however if you are in poor accommodation you will remember your trip for all of the wrong reasons. With this in mind make sure you seek out only the best boutique serviced apartments for your stay.