Weekend away? Top 5 things to pack for a city break

We’ve all experienced the effects of poor packing on a trip away – items inappropriate for the weather, uncomfortable footwear, and incorrectly-sized bags. To help you avoid these travel faux pas, we’ve prepared a list of the top 5 things you should pack for a city break:

Flat shoes 

Flat shoes. And by flat shoes, we mean flat shoes that you can really depend on. Don’t be tempted to pack that brand new pair of shoes, even if they’re flat, as they’ll inevitably give you sore feet and blisters. Rather than risking it and ending up in a pharmacy for blister plasters, wasting precious moments of your trip, stick to shoes that you know are comfortable. When travelling, comfort is more important than fashion. Don’t underestimate the amount of walking your trip may involve – pick your shoes accordingly.


Pack a suitable cover-up that will be smart and versatile for the days and evenings of your trip. Think about any special occasions you will need a coat or jacket for – try something versatile like a lightweight trench coat or an oversized blazer. If you’re savvy, you’ll want to include a coat that will look appropriate for any occasion on your break, and one that is light enough to carry if you need to.

A cabin-appropriate bag 

Airlines are becoming stricter and stricter about the bags you can and can’t take on board with you. No one wants that last minute panic in the airport, worrying that your oversized or heavy bag will incur hefty fines. We’ve all had that moment at the check-in desk where you have to repack your belongings in front of queues of people, so research your flight allowance! A lot of city break packages only permit hand luggage, but there are plenty of carry-on bags which are compact and roomy.

A cross-body bag 

Most airlines permit a carry-on bag, as well as a small personal bag, like a handbag. Choose a small cross-body style which will limit shoulder ache, particularly as you’ll be using this bag for the duration of your city break. Only pack the absolute essentials in it, like your phone, purse, and keys, and your posture will thank you for it. The beauty of a small bag for travelling is that you can also stuff it into your carry-on bag if you need to.

Light layers 

The key to dressing weather-appropriately on a city break is to layer up! Pack a few light layers which you can put on and take off as necessary, dependent on the weather and occasion you’re faced with. They can take up minimal space in your bag if stacked correctly, and they can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits for a short trip.

A city break in London 

London is a great city for a winter break, one that will give you an excuse to try out your new packing list. Try the Dorsett Hotel, City London for business and leisure trips.