Waterfront Activities For Families: 5 Great Vacation Activities

Heading to the beach is a great way to spend a family holiday, but after a few hours it can start to get a bit dull, especially for younger children. That’s why it’s important to plan other activities for down by the water to fill out your day. Depending on where you are, you’ll find a range of different ways to fill up an afternoon while still enjoying the sand and sun.


See A Show

Boat shows aren’t just about yacht companies trying to make a sale and owners showing off their newest upgrades. They can actually be a family friendly way to spend the day. Many boat shows feature games and contests targeted to engage children, and they may even be able to get a tour of the captain’s quarters. If you’ve got a young pirate or sailor on yours hands, this is a great vacation activity.

Scuba School

While young children may not be allowed to undertake full on scuba expeditions, they can learn a little about diving and enjoy a day of snorkeling and exploring the tide pools. Older children, however, can join their parents for diving school and learn their way around the equipment while also seeing rare fish, coral reefs, and underwater caves. Your child will need strong swimming schools to participate in diving school, but for water lovers there’s no greater adventure.

Hit The Boardwalk

Boardwalks are a classic way to entertain the family while taking a break from the beach. Play arcade games, enjoy some rides, visit a gift shop, and snack on beachfront favorites like candy apples and salt water taffy. Be sure not to miss out on the ferris wheel, since it will offer you a beautiful view of the ocean from up high.

Surf’s Up!

You may think that surfing is an adult activity, or at least one best reserved for older kids, but actually children as young as four can start learning to stand on the board, while younger kids can begin to build the necessary fundamentals. Little ones should grow comfortable with the water, while three year olds are ready to start working with a boogie board. By four, they’ll be ready to head out on a longboard.

It is understandable if you are unsure of being able to teach them or simply don’t want to risk it. Kids need to become familiar with the ocean and understand how to be safe before they can fully start surfing. Sometimes, you may believe that professionals can teach them in a better way. If that is the case, consider signing them up for surf lessons like the ones Everyday California Surf Camp offers. Within a few sessions, your kid should have gotten a fair idea of how to hang out with the waves. And when you’re out on a family vacation, you can spend some fun surf time together!

Shark Attack

New York isn’t exactly known for its beaches (though there are a few). But if you’re down by the water and hoping to see the Statue of Liberty, consider skipping the traditional ferry and jumping on a Shark Boat. Shark Boats are a high speed way to see the New York waterways while getting wet and having a great time. Adventure seekers will love this ride of a lifetime.

Get ready for a blast by the beach with these great activities, and don’t forget about all the traditional pleasures – picnics, sandcastles, and shell collecting. With the right collection of buckets and umbrellas and a sense of adventure, your family will have a great time at and around the beach.