Travel the World, Search Out Interesting Professions

One of the more interesting things that you can decide to do if you become any kind of a consistent world traveler is to look for what kinds of compelling professions exist out there in different social and geographical environments. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking for a job for yourself, at least being aware of the professionally spectrum will deepen your understanding of your travels.

Five professions you could take a particular interest in might include the idea of a stylist, or a photographer, a teacher, some type of volunteer, or perhaps even just working with technology in general. All of these thoughts regarding professionalism, at the very least, give vacations a bit more meaning.

Becoming a Stylist

Fashion is everywhere, by definition of the term. And the people that bring fashion to the masses are the stylists. Your interest may be to become a stylist yourself, or you may just be interested in the profession from an academic perspective, as you’re curious where different cultures get their ideas about fashion from. On your next journey, now you have even more of an excuse to pay attention to the clothing culture that you run into.

Taking Photos

Not only are there photographers all around the world, being a photographer means that you have special access to see things around the world as well. Especially if you’re interested in travel photography, it makes absolute sense that when you’re out traveling, take your camera with you. Learn how to set up and take pictures and video. The only difference between an amateur and a professional is going to be if at some point, you intend on getting paid for the images that you capture.

Becoming a Teacher

And what about the opportunity to teach as a traveler? There are several different ways to approach this concept. There’s always the teach English abroad option. Or, you can become a teaching assistant somewhere in order to learn about the culture that you’ve dived into. This is definitely more of a long-term plan, but a viable one to think about nonetheless if you really fall in love with a foreign location.


Though it isn’t necessarily professional (at first at least), if you decide to volunteer when you’re out traveling, that can quickly turn into an opportunity to pick a professional path. It might be doing things like outreach programs with kids, or perhaps working in community centers, but from there it could lead fascinating directions.

Working With Technology

Every place that you travel to is going to have slightly different variations on the idea of technology. So especially if you’re interested in any kind of IT work, as you’re out on your journeys, find out how connected each culture is with things like computing and cell phone networks.