Travel Photos: What To Do With Them When You Get Home

There are so many cool things that you can do with photos that were taken during a family vacation or a traveling endeavour, so why on earth would anybody just want to stick those memories away in a photo album and save them to look at on a rainy day?

Well, the first thing you should do is digitize them. Since we’re talking about precious memories here, it would be a shame to lose or damage the physical photographs, and then not have any means to revive them. By storing them securely online with the help of EverPresent or similar companies, you can rest assured that the photos will not be going anywhere. If you manage to damage the hard copy you have, you can use just the digital version to print new ones.

As for the physical photographs, here are some really awesome ways to display them that will keep those travel memories out in the open for everyone to enjoy.

Make a scrapbook!

Scrapbooks are a really fun way to display your favourite memories. They are really easy to make, all you need is a blank page book, some glue or tape, and a little creativity to get you started. When you make a scrap book, you can include everything from photos to receipts to travel maps, so there are a lot of different options as to what you can do with them.



One really sweet idea is to take a map of the areas you travelled to and glue them to the outside of the scrapbook. Then you can fill the inside with photos from your trip. Scrapbooks can be really fun to make and you can even get your family to join in on the creativity process.

Make a Photo Collage

By taking all of the photos from your trip and combining them into one big picture, you can make a really beautiful work of art that is sure to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones for years to come. Collages are made by taking your photos and overlapping them to make one larger picture. This way, you keep all of your memories from that trip in one place and you can put it up for a display in any room of your home for all of your friends and family to see and ask about.

Create Canvas Wall Art

Take your best shots and have them printed on canvas. You can then hang them on your wall or even your office, and keep those holiday memories alive for much longer. Canvas printing for photos is available online all over Australia.

Vacation Memory Jars


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Vacation memory jars are a gorgeous display of a trip or vacation. You can take little bits and pieces of memorabilia and make a sort of diorama of your trip inside of a mason jar to keep displayed in your home for everyone to enjoy. These beautiful little jars can also serve as great inspiration for your next travelling experience.

On the Go Travelling Scrapbook

By taking a three hole punch with you, as well as a metal binder ring, you can make a scrapbook while you travel. Each time you get a map, a ticket for a show, a receipt or take a photo, you can punch a hole into it and put it on the ring. This will result in a really funky scrapbook at the end of your trip and it is so very easy to make.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are an excellent way to display memories from a trip. You can buy magnetic strips at many stores world-wide and glue your photos to them to keep on display year-round. They also make really great gifts for family members who may not get to see you and your loved ones as often as they might like.

Travel Memento Boxes
These little boxes are great for storing your travel memorabilia in. They are really easy to make to! All you need to do is get a box that you find suitable, and you cover it with maps or photos from your travels. After that all that is left to do is put all of your heart – held memories into the box to look at later.