Top countries for travellers on a shoestringbudget

We are born to travel – at least that’s what most globetrotters believe (including me). The thing is, budget constraints often lead us not to fulfil this desire. International trips generally require months of planning and saving, and can be difficult to materialize sometimes.

Thanks to the internet, however, it is rather easy to avail spontaneous deals when planning for Holidays from Edinburgh Airport, if that’s where you’re at. This makes it easy to go to virtually anyplace you want, on a budget.

The destinations in this article, for instance, will make for a great experience on a shoestring.

India. The land of spices. India is hailed as one of the most affordable countries for tourists, plus it’s almost effortless to get there – cost and processing wise. All thanks to new policies for visas on arrival and e-visas. You can’t go wrong with India’s value-for-dollar charm.

Kazakhstan. This fantastically affordable location is home to parts of both the Silk Road network, and Tien-Shen hailed as one of the biggest mountain ranges on earth. As a plus to being inexpensive, the country ranked consistently well in both hygiene and health, and in safety and security.

Indonesia. Indonesia is very affordable while also being an undeniably excellent place for a vacation. Visit the laid-back beaches of Bali in the bustling city of Jakarta. You’ll find that there’s no shortage of great activities for visitors. Flight costs may set you back, but once you’re there, you’ll find the value you’re looking for.

Bhutan. Bhutan frequently gets high scores with regards to its affordability, plus it’s one of the most developed countries in the overall ranking of countries. In addition to being a cost-effective destination, Bhutan also rank well in safety and security and the prioritization of the tourism industry.

Tunisia. While Tunisia’s tourism industry has suffered a hit since Sousse in 2015; the country has since recovered well and continues to rebuild its tourism appeal. The affordability has given the nation a good boost, and beach resorts continue to be a draw for tourists.

Egypt. The fact that this ancient destination is affordable only adds to this North African country’s draw. From the Pyramids at Giza to the bazaars of Cairo, you certainly won’t lose out by picking an inexpensive destination. Regrettably, Egypt is also affected by security concerns, so you should be extra careful when you go.

Yemen. Yemen is a top affordable country to visit, but it previously suffered from brutal war and humanitarian crisis. Still – the country is gorgeous – sadly not a very safe place to travel in the future.

Philippines. The magnificent tropical country of Philippine rank as a top cheap and up-and-coming place on most people’s “must go” list. Around 90% of Filipinos speak English, and they are very hospitable and love showing tourists around. Activities, accommodations, transportation- just about everything here is cheap – but insanely fun and memorable.

Before you go

Travelling on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you should skimp on crucial travel considerations like a travel insurance, which you’ll need to protect yourself from the most common mishaps travelers face – more so for solo travelers and those on a budget. You can easily get a quote or apply for it via online travel insurance offered by most top providers.

Parting Note

There you have it! So, what destination have you in mind for your next shoestring budget mission? Share it with us in the comments below!