Tips For Travelers Experiencing Their First Trip To Australia

Australia has long been a hotspot for adventurous and exploratory travelers of all ages and cultures – business, and leisure. The continent’s natural beauty offers a unique experience with the diverse and creative design of the Earth.

Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, which provides a habitat for over a million different aquatic species, the Outback, and a slew of different artistic influences and masterpieces to encounter.

Before you run off and buy your airline tickets, you should understand a few things about the continent of Australia. Being prepared will assure your visit goes off without a hitch.

Australia is very large and very diverse

The area may look small on the map, but Australia is huge. Do not visit expecting to see everything in one trip. There are so many different and diverse areas of the continent, that it would take some time to see it all.

The cost of living is high, so be financially prepared

Everything in Australia costs more than you are used to paying, unless you live in Japan. Expect to spend up to $200 per day while visiting, and realize that accommodations are also expensive. Staying in a family-owned bed and breakfast is probably the best bet for the price. Before moving to an Australian city, checking out motorbike transport prices can help you budget your stay. You might want to take note of the exorbitant prices of the stay in Australia and plan accordingly.

The locals do not move around much in Australia, but moving from a place like Adelaide to Melbourne (the next closest urban area) is over 700 km. It takes a bit of planning to afford the lifestyle and beauty of Australia.

There are a few local slang terms you should learn

Though Australians speak English, their culture has naturally derived plenty of slang terms. Here are a few examples of terms you may find interesting.

  • Thongs – flip flops
  • Bum bag – fanny pack
  • Tog/swimmers – bathing suit
  • Capsicums – peppers
  • Ketchup – tomato sauce
  • Boot – trunk
  • Bonnet – hood of a car
  • Rooting – having sex

If someone invites you to their home for tea, they are really asking if you want to come over for dinner. If you need medicine, ask for the nearest chemist, instead of asking for the pharmacy.

Tipping is not a common practice in Australia

If you leave a tip behind at a restaurant in Australia, it is likely that someone will chase after you to give back your lost change. Workers in Australia are paid very well to accommodate the high cost of living. Your waiter is probably being paid close to $20 per hour. They are not sweating the few dollars you may leave behind.

Be very cautious with exposure to the sun

The sun’s rays are much stronger in Australia, as it is closer to the Earth’s equator. It is not recommended that you play around with the sunshine. Wear strong sunscreen, and balance your exposure time equally with time in the shade.