Tips For Planning Your Family Road Trip

When it comes to family vacations it’s not always about going to Disney or flying to another country. Sometimes you just want to hit the open road with your family in tow and see what you can see. Whether you’re driving in your own state or traveling across the country, taking a road trip can be one of the greatest adventures ever.

When you’re traveling on the open road on your own terms you can stop and check out anything you happen to drive by. By bus, you’d have to watch cool roadside attractions speed by and by plane you wouldn’t even know they existed. If you’re ready for some time on the road, here are some tips to get you ready.

Make Sure You Have The Right Vehicle

You definitely want to have a roadworthy vehicle. If you drive a beater that you question each day if it will make it to point B and back, you definitely don’t want to drive something that’s falling apart or unreliable across the country.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new vehicle prior to your travels you will want to find a vehicle that is roomy and will be a comfortable ride for your entire family. Look for something with good gas mileage (if you have a big family you’ll need a bigger vehicle, so you might not be able to get compact car type savings).

Plan Your Stops

You should plan at least some of the stops you will make. Do some research on the places there is to explore and eat on the path you plan to take. If anyone in your family has dietary restrictions this is extra important (you could find an app, like ‘Find Me Gluten Free’, to help find the right places to eat.

Have A Goal (But Be Willing To Make Changes)

Plan a final destination you want to get to before you turn around and head home, but don’t shove past other sights you see on the road on the way there. Leave yourself some open time to explore places that you may not have read about online or may not be on your map. This is one of the things that makes road trips so fun.

Bring Snacks And Road Games

Kids get the munchies a lot, and they can talk a lot, so you want to have things with you on the road to keep them busy. That can include snacks, travel games, and even a portable DVD player. If they’re occupied they’ll be asking “Are we there yet?” much less. If you have a smartphone, you may want to download some games onto your phone for theirs, and yours, enjoyment when on the road. Checking out websites like for more information may help you make the right decision.

Prepare Your Safety Kit

Never hit the road without both an emergency kit for your vehicle and a first aid kit for you. Your vehicle emergency kit should have jumper cables, fat fixing spray, a tire iron and jack, and a spare gas can. Your first aid kit needs medications, gauze, bandages, and even antibiotic cream.