Tips For Packing For Your Family Vacation

It’s one thing to pack for yourself when it comes to going on a trip, but when you have an entire family to pack for it can make things a bit more difficult. It can also make things easier to forget since you have to remember underwear and socks for everyone.

If your kids are already teenagers then they can probably do their packing on their own, as long as you give them a checklist and ensure that they check it twice. Aside from that, one family member will most likely be doing the packing for everyone, so here are some tips to make it go by more smoothly.

Pack The Easy Stuff First

If you start with the adult clothing and the bathroom necessities it can make life easier. Depending on where your vacation is taking you, you’ll want to make sure that you pack shorts for him and her, tanks, and sandals if you are heading to a sunny beach location, or on a cruise. Obviously if your destination is a colder one you’ll want something more covering first.

Once your stuff is packed, then you can move onto the children’s stuff. Even if you have teens that can pack for themselves you may still want to double check what they’ve packed, just in case. It’s better to be extra efficient than to need to spend extra money on vacation on something someone forgot to bring.

Always Have Lists

One of the best ways to make sure that nothing gets forgotten, and you won’t have to spend fun and souvenir money on a sweatshirt and jeans because someone didn’t think it would be chilly out at night, or toothbrushes so people can still practice good hygiene while they’re getting some time away.

Have a list for each individual so that they know what they need for the trip. Then have a master list so that you can go back through everyone’s stuff. The amount of items that you take, though, will also depending on how you are traveling.

Know Your Dimensions And Allocations

When it comes to flight travel there are numerous rules in place now as to what dimensions your luggage can be, from carry on to check in. You want to also make sure you know how much each bag you need to check is going to cost you so you can pack accordingly.

Each individual on your vacation party can have their own carry on, so that may help spread things out some, and if a carry on is free it could save you some money in the long run as well. Even if you are traveling by vehicle you’ll still need to watch your space!