Tips For a Mexican Family Vacation On a Budget

The idea of taking your entire family on vacation can be a daunting task to plan.  Especially if you have multiple children.  Beyond airline tickets, there’s also hotel, food and drink, activities, and sometimes a car rental to worry about.

Mexico is a place that has some of the most luxurious and pricey resorts in the world, between Cancun and Cabo combined.  But Mexico is also full of amazing mercados with more colors and tastes and sounds than you’ve ever seen, natural beaches that stretch miles without a resort in sight, sizzling blue corn quesadillas made by hand, and vast green mountains capped with misty clouds surrounded by lush jungle.

Experiencing these parts of Mexico are considerably cheaper than the mass tourist areas like Cancun and Cabo.  If you have a taste for adventure, then follow these tips for experiencing Mexico on a budget.

Stay in Hostels or Airbnb

When some people think of hostels, they often imagine a large room with bunk beds, possibly stinky hippies, and shared dirty bathrooms.  Hostels can actually be so much more than that. There are many hostels that come highly recommended which include all the same amenities as a hotel for a small fraction of the price.

The same goes for Airbnb properties.  For a super low price, you can find somewhere with a kitchen, and even a pool all to your family.

Hotels are so yesterday!

Sleep on The Beach

Depending on the age of your children, this is a really cost effective and adventurous option! Many Mexican beach towns have campgrounds with space for RV’s, and also rented “palapas” which are handmade huts roofed with dry palm leaves.  For as little as $20usd a night, your entire family can sleep to the sound of lapping waves and tropical birds.

Packing a few extra items like mosquito nets, bug spray, hammocks with strong straps, and blankets, and you’ll be living the beach life in no time!

Eat Street Food

Don’t be afraid to explore the amazing street food of Mexico. Look for places that have large crowds of people, particularly locals.  This isn’t always a determining factor, however.  Be adventurous! Sometimes the best meal you’ve ever had can come from a tiny little kitchen off the beaten path.  

By eating with street vendors you’ll be supporting local businesses, and tasting the true flavor of Mexico for a very low price.

Take Public Transportation

Mexico is known for public transportation being extremely affordable.  You can take buses for under a dollar, and taxis all over the city for the equivalent of $5 a ride in certain cities.

They are always very helpful, and it’s a great way save some money and also experience the more authentic side of Mexico.

Just be more aware in somewhere like Mexico City where crime rates are higher.  Make sure you’re on an official city-owned taxi.