The Slow-Travel Allure

It’s actually a trend that’s been around for a really, really long time, but one which seems to be resurfacing with a little bit more headline-grabbing vigour these days. Of course I’m talking about slow travel – the practice of practically living out the saying “it’s not about the destination, but about the journey.”

Many travellers want to be able to see their immediate world on their terms, stopping to take in as much of the environments they cover as they possibly can. Who can blame them?

I mean if you’ve ever made the admittedly short and convenient trip across Europe’s roads, there are probably some very nice spots along the way for which your soul longed. Surely you must have had that feeling that it would be so nice to perhaps pitch a tent somewhere and stay overnight, or maybe even stay in a nearby place of accommodation, just so that you can perhaps experience what a sunrise in that specific spot may be like, or anything else which makes for those magical moments in life?

Jumping right across the North Atlantic and onto the desert terrains of the famous Route 66 – I mean I’m pretty sure given half the chance, the true traveller would want to make something like an all-week affair of the trip, stopping at many of the history-filled sites along the way to make some lasting memories that go beyond just sightseeing. What if you’re tired of driving – the lot of you travelling together and some good old pub grub would give you a good fill before hitting the sack?

These are some slow-travel experiences that speak to the true traveller whose wanderlust breeds the kind of curiosity that has them wondering what lies in wait beyond the typical touristy places often frequented by even the most seasoned of travellers.

That’s what RVs are for though – giving the true traveller who is chasing the true essence of every travelling experience the freedom of the land. Rent an RV if you want to travel on your own terms, which is a lot like going on a cruise except if everyone who is in-tow sleeps at the same time then overnight stops can make for the points at which to enjoy some fresh scenery.

Yes they guzzle gas like nobody’s business, but the modern day ones have become a little bit eco-friendlier and besides, RVs aren’t meant to be driven in all alone. In fact, why not drag all your friends along on the slow-travel trip, particularly those with whom you haven’t spent some quality time lately?

There are many memories to be made along the way, the best of which cannot even be put into words. You have to go out there and experience it all for yourself, but if I was to personally share one of the greatest such experiences it would have to be parking the RV in a spot that was far, far away from the bright city lights and pollution to get in some proper star-gazing!