It’s serene, it’s lush green, it’s California

Among the most calm places on earth, Yosemite National Park in California will take you on a tour of such soothing serenity that you may actually start your conversation with nature and your heart would get the most pleasant climes to be in love. The granite cliffs and crystal clear streams conjugate to mesmerize you and when you look at them you would feel as if you are on some other planet where the so called modernity is yet to seep in. Nature is there in her pristine best. When you see the flawless water playing with rocks and coming down through waterfalls, you would know nature is making you the witness of her awe inspiring show. You need to spare some time from your USA holiday package to soak in the beauty of what nature offers in the park as unless you engage in sublime conversation with her, it’s difficult to understand what she says. The giant sequoia trees, for which the park is known the world over, would also make you think of what nature is capable of. When you see the glacier in Yosemite Valley, you would know that it’s difficult to fathom everything that she showcases and the rustling wind would bring the stories of pine trees to you; everyone in the park would love to converse with you. You just need to open your heart and the caress of nature would sooth it.

Lake Tahoe in California is another destination that the adventure lover in you would love to explore. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the cliffs seem to preserve the beauty of the place and when you see the pellucid waters of the lake you would know nature’s thought behind creating those cliffs. Skiing and other snow activities go on in the lake area and in the surrounding mountains and besides California, the Nevada side of the lake is also something you can include while opting for your USA package. Hiking and cycling are some of the activities any traveler should go for while being there as the air that touch your face while cycling would tell you the story of its own adventure in the area.

No other destination in the world has maintained its serenity amidst all the advancements as California has and a visit to the state is a must perform act on you USA tour. As for customizing your USA tour package and creating your hassle free itinerary, SOTC is there with you.