Self-Catered Hotel Room vs. Serviced Apartment

It seems as if more and more people are getting turned on to the benefits of self-catered accommodation. With the freedom to cook exactly what you want exactly when you want, it’s certainly a great option – you even get to stay healthy and use some locally-sourced ingredients in your cooking.

Of course, there’s more than one type of self-catered accommodation, and people often find themselves struggling to decide between self-catered hotel room and serviced apartment. Here are just a few reasons why serviced apartments are the better choice.

Added Size

Your hotel room may indeed be self-catered, but you’ll usually find that only a small kitchen is provided. This won’t be a kitchen in which you can expect to easily cook a Sunday roast. Instead, you’ll often have nothing more than the minimum required to cook basic meals. A serviced apartment will have a kitchen as big as the one you’re used to at home.

Stronger Range of Appliances

It isn’t just in terms of size that serviced apartments pull ahead of self-catered hotel rooms. You’ll also find a strong array of appliances in a serviced apartment. From coffee makers to blenders to a dishwasher, you would have to get everything cleaned using equipment along the lines of R-Zero Systems (visit this site right here for info) or by engaging cleaning companies. When you’re done, the apartment should be fully stocked. A self-catered hotel room is rarely as comprehensive when it comes to appliances. Another added benefit of serviced accommodation that already has appliances in it, is that if an appliance break downs, be that an oven or a dryer, you will not have to shell out for it yourself, especially if it is in communal areas. They should contact Dryer Repair services as soon as possible to get it fixed, making it easier on you and your wallet.

Separate Living Area

Most self-catered hotel rooms add a very small kitchen and very little else. You might be able to cook your own meals, but you probably won’t have a separate living area where you can entertain and have several people over at once. Again, the self-catered hotel room is fine if you’ll be going for one or two people, but only a serviced apartment is going to provide the space and equipment you need to cook larger meals for larger groups of people.