Romantic Things To Do In New York City

A sunset cruise around the Harbour, long strolls through  iconic Central Park or sweeping vistas of the city over the Hudson River – New York City offers lots of avenues for heart-warming romantic outings. Further, the tranquillity of art galleries or green gardens offer a perfect backdrop for couples to rekindle the magic of romance like never before. To top it all, lovebirds can visit places and relive those dreamy scenes of Hollywood movies. So, plan well in advance and create special memories with someone you love and care about!   

The list of romantic things to do in NYC includes:

Strolls through Central Park

A mere mention of Central Park evokes romance and magic. Be there and relish a stroll through the verdant landscape of this iconic park and savor everything that nature has to offer. Explore winding paths with the love of your life by your side. Pass under charming bridges  arm in arm and pause wherever you feel like. Sit next to the mesmerizing Bethesda Fountain and spend some quality time together.

Manhattan by Sail

A sunset cruise in New York Harbor is super romantic! It can’t get much better than this . Aboard an iconic yacht, you both can enjoy sweeping vistas of the city. On this amazing water adventure, see the iconic Statue of Liberty. Against the backdrop of the sun setting over the Hudson, you can enjoy your favorite cocktail and let the cruise roll on at a gentle pace and rhythm.

Art and natural delights at the High Line

A romantic walk in the park awaits you at the High Line. Pass through this lush urban oasis and feel the buzz of a trendy place. While ambling along the route,  get some wonderful views and feel the magic of nature and modernity together. Nearby art galleries and some top restaurants close to the route will be an added advantage.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Sit together on a bench and spend a quiet evening in the historic walking areas. This public park is a great place to get a stunning panorama of the city. Along your evening stroll, relish amazing views of the Downtown skyline, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Met Cloisters

Wander the galleries and hallways filled with treasures from the Middle Ages. Make memories while roaming around this beautiful green space. The Met Cloisters is a medieval museum and gardens that make for a quite a romantic outing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Experience the ultimate tranquillity at this wonderful place in the heart of Fort Tryon Park.

New York City tours are great for romantic things and you should plan out the itinerary carefully to get the most out of this wonderful city.