How to Remove Unwanted Object From Your Vacation Photos

Most cameras will add a date stamp to the photo to show exactly the time and date the photo is taken. The date stamp is overlay onto the photo which can obstruct some important detail. If the date stamp is removed, the photo will look nicer. It will become more suitable for professional use as you don’t want your customers to see when the photo is taken. For some people, they don’t know how to adjust the setting in the camera to prevent it from adding a date stamp to every photo that is taken. In this case, you will need to use a photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor to remove the date.

In the photo stamp remover, you can easily erase away the date stamp with the object removal tool. The photo with the date stamp must first be loaded into the software. You can load multiple photos that you would like to remove the date stamp at one time as well. Movavi Photo Editor provides two ways to add the photos and the default way of adding photos is to use the Add Media Files button. If you prefer to use the drag and drop feature, you can drag the photo into the open space and the photos will automatically be arranged in grid styles.

You must select the one that you want to edit and go to the object removal tab. After that, you must choose the first button, which a red brush tool to mark the date stamp with red. You just simply draw a red line over the date stamp and the software will automatically recognize it as the unwanted object. Once the date stamp is erased, the area will be cloned with pattern that is similar to the nearby background. The photo will look as if the date stamp was never there. You should backup the original copy that contains the date stamp in case you want to find out when you take the photo in the future.

You can export the photo to your preferred format and use it for your project. The photo that is without the date stamp can be used in your printed brochure, publish on your website, or upload to the social networking sites. As you can see, it is not hard at all to remove date stamps from photo. The traditional method requires you to use the clone stamp tool to overwrite the date stamp with the nearby background pattern. This can cause you to spend hours working on retouching the area that has the data stamp until it look realistic.

The object removal tool in Movavi Photo Editor speed up the time that is needed in retouching the photo. In just 1 minute, the date stamp will be gone from the photo. No one will ever know that the date stamp was there. Movavi Photo Editor also has a clone stamp tool as in traditional photo editing software. The clone stamp tool will come into use if it is necessary for you to manually retouch the photo and make it look perfect.