Reasons Colorado Is A Great Place to Plan A Family Vacation

When planning a family vacation, the destination can be a tricky thing to settle on. Half of the family might want to go some place warm and tropical, the other half might have a passion for winter sports and want to spend their time skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.

As a parent, it’s challenging to settle on a place that is going to be fun for the whole family. The tropics are always great, and flying some place far away and completely different than home is part of the experience, but when funds don’t allow for you to circumnavigate the globe, but you also want have a relaxing time that will appeal to everyone, the list of destinations to choose from narrows.

If you’re searching for a destination for a family vacation that will be fun for everyone, look no further than the state of Colorado. Here’s why:

The Mountains Are Majestic

Colorado is right in the heart of the Rocky Mountain range. If you’ve ever seen mountains, you’ve never seen them as big, close up and majestic as they are right in Colorado. Colorado has so many secluded oasis’ tucked away the mountains that it’s a popular place for treatment facilities. There’s something so healing about the atmosphere that you just might find that bringing your family to the same oft snow covered peaks will heal souls and make your family bond stronger.

You Can Pull Double Duty

Colorado is unique in the fact that there is such a wide variety of weather. If might be spring time in the valley, but drive just a couple of hours and you’re spending your days and nights enjoying winter sports in Everest’s of Colorado. In few other places in the world can you be enjoying the lake one day and be in the same state snowshoeing. You have to time your vacation just right, but it’s possible and it’s the reason that the state is the perfect place to bring your family for vacation.

You Can Soak in Hot Springs

In addition to the lakes and mountains present in Colorado, there are also hotsprings that you can take advantage of. Spend a night or two in the cabins or train caboose available in Strawberry Park Hot Springs. There are so many hot springs around that you can choose your perfect temperature like goldilocks.

There are a variety of springs across the state, so if there is one on your way to the ski resort you’re headed to, it’s just another reason why Colorado is the right destination for you and your family the next time you decide it’s time to take a break from the pressures of day to day life.