Packing it All In: Planning a Family Trip that Does it All

“Where shall we take the kids this year?” It’s a question which looms up every twelve months. Sometimes the answer is obvious; sometimes it’s a matter of taking a punt on a new idea and hoping for the best. Or sometimes it may just be possible to combine all the things your family enjoys into one big package. The chances are that, if this is achievable, it is going to be in or close to a city. Take Dallas, for example.


There was a time when the suggestion of a museum visit brought groans from most children, but no longer. Today’s top city museums are interactive and full of fun. Kids learn by playing, and modern museums make the most of that natural ability, by building things, dressing up, and stimulating questions. Parents can learn a lot too! Compared to other attractions, they can be a very economical way to spend the day.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is a typical new approach to be found in downtown Dallas. Its huge space will keep children and adults fascinated all day.


If you are happy with the concept of keeping animals in captivity, zoos will always be a source of fascination. The best zoos not only make an effort to reproduce conditions in the wild but also provide genuine research opportunities and teaching facilities.

Dallas Zoo is a huge 100-acre space with over 400 species of animal. Its Children’s Zoo provides plenty of up-close encounters. Dallas also boasts a World Aquarium which can easily occupy a family for a day.

Theme Parks

No big city will be far from a good theme park, even if the most extensive ones will tend to be in out-of-town locations. Rides get bigger and more exciting every year. Perhaps adults should be advised to avoid the more vomit-inducing attractions, but the kids will love them.

Six Flags Over Texas is a classic park, with 45 rides for all ages and some good shows. For true thrill seekers, Zero Gravity has five extreme attractions including a 16-storey free fall.

Peace and Quiet

Sometimes the tranquility of nature calls us, whatever our age. Most cities have extensive parks and open spaces to relax and listen to the birds.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a true haven, while also providing plenty for energetic youngsters to enjoy in the shape of an adventure garden and interactive exhibits.


In a major city, you will find a wider selection of accommodation than in any other environment. Discover apartments to rent, explore boutique hotels, or stick with a reliable chain like Marriott for trustworthy accommodation without having to spend hours on the internet.

Busy Vacations

Not everyone wants to fit in everything on a vacation, but for some families, it really is the best way to keep the tribe happy. Careful budgeting is needed if the expenses are not to run away, but in a big city, there is rarely any need to be bored.