Not Just for Surfers and Tourists: All About Saltwater Fishing in Hawaii

Ask a number of people what Hawaii means to them and they will often either mention beaches, surfing and maybe even Pearl Harbor, but this is a location in the world that is definitely not just for surfers and tourists.

If are in Hawaii and have Aloha lures on your line, you already know about the awesome saltwater fishing opportunities here. Savvy fishermen know that there are some spectacular catches there for the taking, so here is the lowdown on what they know, so you can join in the party.

The thrill of the catch

It is fair to say that fishing in Hawaii is way more than just a hobby for many locals, as this is a pursuit that is deeply engrained in their local culture and is also an important aspect of their local economy.

The native Hawaiian community still actually depends on the ocean to produce a fair percentage of their daily food, so as well as being a sport and a pastime, it is also a way of life.

This means that many locals are deeply passionate about saltwater fishing, and when you arrive here for the sport of pitting your wits against the ocean’s occupants, you are definitely going to experience the thrill of the pursuit, and the catch. You may even wish to get yourself a little extra bit of tech to help you out with this; if you’re going to be kayaking and fishing, you could take a look here to learn about one such tool that you could pack in your kit.

Regulated fishing

When you consider how important fishing is to many Hawaiians, you can expect there to be some rules and regulations that you will need to observe when planning your fishing trip.

The good news is that in general terms, you don’t need a specific licence for saltwater fishing in certain parts of Hawaii, but if you also decide to pursue some freshwater options on islands such as Kauai and Oahu, you will need to get a licence to do that.

It is not that difficult to get a licence, so you should not let that deter you from making plans for your trip.

The main point to remember is that what you catch and when you fish for it, is strictly regulated.

In order to preserve fish stock levels, you can only fish for striped mullet for example, between April and November. If you are planning to head to the Waikiki Diamond Head shoreline, make sure it is in an even year, as fishing is only permitted in alternate years.

Local knowledge

To get the best out of your fishing trip to Hawaii, it pays to pick the brains of local fishermen, who know their waters intimately.

If you charter a boat from Maui for example, the sport fishing will take place on the leeward part of the island and their strategies will be heavily influenced by local knowledge and what they have been catching in the past few days and where they have been to land those prizes.

Hawaii is a beautiful part of the world and an understandable tourist magnet, but for saltwater fishing enthusiasts, it is definitely a bucket list destination.

Andrew Hope is an outdoor enthusiast who always has his family outside on weekends whether teaching the kids to surf, out on a fishing or camping trip or simply a walk with the dogs.