Moving Abroad After You Retire

Do you dream about moving somewhere sunnier and warmer when you retire? It can be one of those life-long wishes that followed you ever since you vacationed in Spain, or visited Italy years ago. Since you’ve spent a great part of your life working hard and earned your pension honestly, it’s time to think about doing something you have always wanted to do: swap your narrow city streets for some sandy beaches and ocean breeze. We offer you the best destinations to move to after you retire.


For years now Mexico is one of the top three destinations to move to after you retire. Since it’s conveniently close, a great number of Americans decide to move there, so there’s a great chance that you will meet a number of people who share your dream of living abroad after retirement. While some may hesitate to call Mexico their home, it is a great country and you will easily find a nice place to settle with your family.


People hesitate to move to the USA because of high prices of health care, and let’s face it, you need good health care when you are a retiree. It is, however, much easier to get a home for a reasonable price than in other places. It’s incredibly easy to get a good home care in San Francisco, Miami, or other cities, so you don’t have to worry about being all alone. On the bright side, you will meet a great number of people coming from different countries and cultures, and you will be able to buy really cheap gas. If you’re thinking of moving over to America, it might be nice to get in touch with a realtor like Eric D Schmitt to ensure you find a lovely home if you want to live independently.


There is not a single person who visited Spain, and not wished to see its beautiful sandy beaches again. Not only are these beaches breathtakingly beautiful, but the cost of living is low, and you can buy your own home for a reasonable price. Europeans love going there on vacations, and they usually come back after they retire. Spain offers you a chance to live a carefree life since prices of food are also low, and the delicious Mediterranean diet will be great for your overall health.


Whoever watched Casablanca wanted to go there at least once and experience firsthand this exotic country. Alongside Casablanca, there are Tangier and Marrakesh – lovely cities which blend European, Roman and Islamic influences. Subtropical climate makes Morocco a heaven on earth for people suffering from meteoropathy and achy joints.


For those who would like to keep going on adventures even when they retire, Malaysia is the perfect choice as it offers unique sightseeing experiences. Malaysian food is heavenly, and their rich culture fascinating, and you will always have something new to see, do, and taste every day. Unlike some other countries, their health care is excellent, and it’s easy to buy or rent a home as a foreigner.

It’s not just about daring to dream, but living your dreams as well. Like the expatriates of old, you will be going on new adventures and exploring new places. Not only is moving abroad poetic and romantic, but pragmatic as well. No matter where you move, you will be immersing yourself in a whole new culture which will make you feel more alive than you’ve ever felt.