Monterey, the quaint beauty amidst modernity

The charm of an old city never fades if it keeps reinventing itself for modern age and at Monterey you would feel the old settings along with the joyous modernity and you would love to include Monterey as a part of your USA package. As the city is known for its allegiance to sea, the first destination that you must explore in the city is Monterey Bay Aquarium. It has maintained its old architectural style and the old world charm of the place seem to take you in a time capsule where you would be transform in the era when Monterey was the premier city for fish trade. At the aquarium you would get to know the rich marine life of the area and the role it played in the development of the city. The place will help you understand the history of the place and including it in your USA holiday package would enhance your understanding of the history. Cannery Row is the street that the shopping lover in you would love to explore. It has a number of restaurants as well and the connoisseur of good food would love to be there. There is beach also with golden sands and walking there would not only calm your feet, the soothing balm would touch your soul as well. 

A few miles of Monterey is 17 Mile Drive and that scenic beauty is a must include destination in your USA tour package. The drive starts at Pacific Grove Gate and take you on a tour of Pacific coast in such a soothing manner that you would start creating your own song of the sea and the poet in you would come to the fore. The drive passes from Del Monte Forest as well and when you see cypress trees and Monterey pines along the way, you will be in sublime conversation with nature. There are a number of other places you can explore in Monterey including Monterey State Historic Park, Point Lobos State Reserve and Monterey Museum of Art.

California is among the most attractive destinations in the world and Monterey is the place where you would see the old California in its true character. The city deserves to be a part of your USA tour and with SOTC as your companion on, the hassle free travelling would enhance the joy of the trip more.