Love To Travel? Why Your Family Should Consider A Timeshare

When your family vacations, where do you stay? In 2016, the answer could be anything from a local motel to AirBnB or a luxury treehouse, but one answer to this question that you don’t hear very often is a timeshare. Timeshares, a vacation option that allows people to own a fixed week or a week within a range of weeks at a vacation destination, have been less popular in the last few years due to global economic declines, but with leisure spending on the rise again, it’s time to reconsider this arrangement for your family vacations.

Why Timeshares

Timeshares are an especially good investment for families with children because the properties are typically more spacious and they allow you to save money on the accommodations portion of your trip. The arrangement also tends to be more flexible than their reputation has led people to believe. However, problems can occur for some families who use timeshares and they find out that it isn’t the right one for them, this can be rectified by using a company that can help with a timeshare exit. Families will need to check out the ratings and reviews of timeshare exit companies so they can pick one for their situation.

One of the best things about timeshares is that, although you’ve paid upfront for accommodations at a single location, you can often transfer your stay to a different place for a small fee. For example, if you own a timeshare at a Welk Resort, you might stay in San Diego one year and then decide you’d like to transfer to their Cabo San Lucas location the next year. Not only is it easy to transfer timeshares between locations, you can be confident the accommodations will be of equivalent quality.

Your Space, Your Way

As most parents know, it can be difficult to feed children while on vacation – picky eaters aren’t interested in trying the local cuisine. Timeshares typically offer suites with a kitchen included, and that can cut down on mealtime stress and also help families reduce food costs overall. Why would you pay to feed your child three bites of egg at a restaurant when you can grab a few groceries and eat in your room?

Take An Annual Vacation – Or Don’t

For families that find they have a hard time getting away for a week each year, a timeshare can be a great way to make sure you take an annual vacation. That can be really appealing, especially if it ensures that your family’s resident workaholic takes a week off to spend time with the family.

On the other hand, some years a vacation simply may not be in the cards. Maybe there’s a new baby in the family and you can’t imagine heading on vacation with an infant, or maybe an elderly relative is sick. In most cases you can sell your week to a friend or family member and recoup a good portion of your annual costs.

Everyone deserves a chance to get away, but sometimes the stress of planning a vacation is more than the trip is worth. Timeshares can cut down on that stress, save you money, and provide your family with an annual retreat. Your vacation destination may even become like a second home for your family. Though they’re a pricy investment, timeshares are often worth the money for the pleasure they deliver.