What to look for when choosing family-friendly accommodation

Finding the right family-friendly accommodation is crucial to making your holiday a success, too little space or too few bathrooms can mar your experience, so here are a few things to consider when booking your next family vacation:

Space and privacy

Space and privacy are key considerations when looking for family friendly accommodation. Do you want to be in separate rooms or share a family room? Alternatively, would it be in your best interests to book a suite that comes with some additional living space?

If your family prefer a quiet private space, then look out for hotels or guesthouses that offer accommodation in an annexe – these often provide the perfect combination of comfort and independence.

Bathrooms a-go-go

Check out the bathroom situation before you book. You won’t want to be strolling down a corridor each morning to have your shower or have the whole family queuing to use a single bathroom. When it comes to family friendly accommodation; the more bathrooms, the better.

Catering facilities at the ready?

Catering facilities are another factor to consider when booking your holiday. Do you want to be entirely self-sufficient and go self-catering, have a kitchenette for straight forward meal preparation or simply have facilities for making hot drinks?

Not planning on cooking while you’re away? Then check what dining facilities are available on-site, what meals are included in the price of the accommodation and search for family friendly restaurants nearby. Have a look on TripAdvisor to find the best restaurants in the area you’re visiting and look out for special offers on website Groupon, to help you save the pennies and pounds.

Laundry drama

Having laundry facilities in your accommodation can help your holiday go more smoothly and allow you to travel light. Getting caught in the rain or splattered with mud while out and about could prove problematic if you don’t have a washer and dryer to hand. So double check what laundry facilities are available before you book. Most hotels and homestays tend to have washers and dryer rental, particularly for the rainy or winter season. By doing this little check, you can rest assure that you don’t have to go through any laundry dramas while you’re away.

Your four legged friend

A four legged friend may be an integral part of your family, and you won’t want to leave them behind. So, look for accommodation that is happy to accommodate pets – there are plenty of them around, so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Family friendly activities

Also, look to see what family friendly activities there are on site or nearby when booking your holiday. You don’t want every outing to entail a lengthy drive, or you won’t all have a chance to relax. So double check for Wi-Fi so your children can utilise all their devices; see if there is an onsite games room and appropriate outside space for them to play in. Also, is there a beach in walking distance?

What you want

Most of all think about what you want when planning your holiday. Do you hanker after a rural retreat that’s off the beaten track and away from it all, accommodation with a sea view or a city break with lots of attractions on your doorstep? The choice is yours, but with B&Bs and hotels aplenty around the UK, you’re bound to find the right one. Book your holiday accommodation through Toprooms, to find the right place for your family holiday.