Why a Life of Travel is Always Within Reach

Some call it an ideology and some refer to it as nothing more than a dreamers’ cliché, but there’s every bit of truth to the belief that living out a life of travel is within reach, to the point that it’s all just one decision away from happening really. Seriously, all you have to do is make that decision that you want to start travelling and not be confined to one place, only to enjoy one or two vacations per year and you can make it happen.

Obviously the decision has to be backed up by some actions and in this post I’m basically going to share with you some actionable steps to consider if you do indeed want to make your life of travel a reality.

Secure a remote income source

You don’t have to be a millionaire to live out your life as somewhat of a nomad, but you obviously need to make sure you can earn money while you’re on the go. This would mean that you must secure yourself a remote income source, whether it’s your boss allowing you to work remotely in this way or indeed if you perhaps secure some freelancing work which you can submit over the internet once complete. The best path to follow would be that of setting up a business which is operated remotely as this cuts down on the time you’d have to spend actually working.

But this is perhaps the one step which is important to take if you really want to make a life of travel your reality.

Mobilise your living arrangements

One of the major challenges people who want to travel more freely and for longer periods of time face is that of not knowing how to manage their permanent living arrangements. The best step to take is that of renting out your home, whether through a company that manages these sorts of things (it’s easier that way, but the returns will naturally be lower) or you can do it yourself via the likes of a managed renters’ AirBnB account. The latter is naturally a lot riskier since you’ll essentially be far away, but where your permanent address is located makes a big difference to these things.

You can rope in the likes of Janovic to help you do up the interior professionally and make it suitable and enticing for short-term or even long term renters, which would naturally then cover the monthly payments you’d have to keep making on your mortgage or indeed just the rent you’d be paying in order to make sure you retain your permanent address and residence status. Many visa requirements to some of the places you’d be travelling to would include something like your permanent address, so I guess that’s a major reason why most would-be extended travellers would want to hang on to someplace to come home to should things take a different turn and they have to go back home.

Otherwise what you’ll generally find is that your accommodation wherever it is you go in the world can pretty much be covered by the amount you’d be spending on your rent back home.