Kolkata- A Junction for Foodies

Kolkata is not the place for everyone. If you want your city green and clean, stick to Delhi. If you want your city rich and personal, go to Mumbai. You want it high tech and brimming with pubs, Bangalore is the place for you. But if your heart aches for a city with a soul, come to Kolkata. The city is special in many aspects. And one of the many colourful feathers in its cap is its culinary specialities. It might not be the food capital of the world, but just like its social diversity, so will you find great diversity in the food Kolkata has to offer. So, hop on foodies! Touch down at Kolkata airport and let’s embark on the quest to savour Kolkata’s cuisine.

Princep Ghat: Most people visiting Kolkata target the lovely walk down the softly lit path with the refreshing breeze from the mighty River Hooghly and rejuvenating Ghoti Gorom or Jhaal Muri. Not only does it refresh your mood, but seems to give new life to your taste buds as well.

Park Street: In almost stark contrast to Princep Ghat, Park Street is known for its branded retail food joints lining the entire road. You will be spoilt for choices and picking any one of the fantastic eateries would be a wise decision. From continental to Chinese cuisine, online travel portals will tell you, this place is heaven for family lunches or dinners.

New Market: If there is one place that blends street food perfectly with restaurants, it’s got to be New Market. Here you will find something for everyone. For the young and the old, for the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian folks, it is essentially a beautiful amalgamation of food from all parts of India and will surely appeal to you in all its flavours.

Lord’s More: Let’s face it, you came to Kolkata, but as soon as you landed at the Kolkata Airport, you know you want some new clothes. You head right over to South City Mall and purchase apparel. Coming out of the mall, you cross the road and voila! You are met with street food carnival of sorts. A lesser well known but famed item you need to top your dish with would be the Dragon Chicken, sold in a few shops down the road.

China Town: As the name suggests, thousands of Chinese people used to live here, and their number has significantly declined. But their cuisine has remained and is flourishing. It is authentic Chinese food that’s served here, and the place is in its full grandeur during the Chinese New Year. Perhaps the most famous of all is the Chinese breakfast – rice dumpling and food – but you will have to be there later by 6am to avail it. Well, all good things come at a price, right?

Kathi Roll: This mouth-watering roti – bound delicious stuffing was invented in Kolkata! Yes, you heard that right – the shop called Zaika on Park Street gets the credits. There are twists and variations in the roll spread all over the city, and you would do it justice by biting into one at Nizam’s or Badshah or Kusum’s.

Tales of Phuchkas, Kochuris and Rosogollas: No visit to Kolkata can be concluded if you have not tried out a few spicy, sweet – and – sour and dripping wet phuchkas. These are available at a roadside stall, or you can even sit down to savour a plate of hot round kochuris at famous sweet shops, only to be followed by delicate, round balls of sweetness – Rosogollas!

Salivating already? There’s no point trying to stop it, travel to the gorgeous Kolkata airport your next vacation with rock-bottom cheap flight fares and let your taste buds have the trip of their lifetime. Because if there is heaven in India, its kitchen sure is in Kolkata!