Italian Travel Tips – Planning for the Weather in Rome

While we all think of blue sunny skies when we think of Rome, it isn’t always summer in this ancient and amazing city. Yes, Rome is a beautiful city and for most of the year the weather is fine for just about any tourist adventure. But once the summer season ends and the tourists all head home, you might want to consider the weather in Rome according to what time of the year you plan to arrive. While the other three seasons may not be as warm and welcoming as the summer, they still have a lot to offer. It really just depends on what you want from the city of Rome and also how much you are willing to spend. Because you can count on Rome being cheaper and easier to get around in when the seasons shift and the weather turns. That can be your advantage, if you are willing to entertain a different kind of Rome.

Early Fall in Rome

This is actually a really busy time of year for many of the cities known for their art in Italy. The light becomes a warm butterscotch hue and the neighborhoods of Rome are filled with painters. The weather is still mild, in fact to many it is the best time of year to visit. It stays warm in the days and cools off at night to the high 50s. That is still plenty warm enough to enjoy in the day but sit by a comfy fire at night and feel cozy.

Christmas in Rome

Many tourists still love to come to Rome for the late fall or early winter season. The rains come, and with them the museums and other tourist attractions clear out. This makes it the perfect time to visit them, without the lines and long waits. If you don’t mind a bit of rain, the walks through the city can be invigorating and sometimes it can feel like you have the city to yourself. Come Christmas the city is lit by a million lights and the whole city feels like one big festival. There are fairs in the piazzas and lots of wonderful handmade gifts to bring home with you. The weather is cool, expect mid-to-low 50s, but the streets are filled with joyful citizens that include you in their festivities.

Spring Among the Ruins

For many who love to travel to Europe out of the regular season, spring remains one of the favorite times to travel to Rome. The days are beginning to get warmer, often hitting as high as the low 60s in the middle of the day. The flowers all begin to bloom and the air is filled with the scent of Wisteria in full spring riot. While the rains may linger a bit longer, the sun is beginning to show up more and more, bringing with it the promise of summer. For many Rome lovers, there is no better time to visit than April or May.

But whatever the time you choose, visit Rome and take in all it’s glory. This is the Eternal City, the one that all of western civilization is based on and remains our inspiration. There is no other city like it, and the Romans will certainly agree that it is one you should never miss, no matter what the weather.