Indonesia: “The Holiday Destination Dreams Are Made Of”

Choosing a holiday destination can be a difficult decision to make. There’s just so much choice out there. And with more and more routes opening up, it can be said that the world is getting smaller, in terms of ease in getting to and from holiday destinations. One place that can be often overlooked however, is Indonesia. It’s never that high on top of people’s lists, but here’s why it should be.



Seasons in Indonesia can be considered in 2 ways – wet or dry. However, regardless of moisture, it’s always warm, with temperatures averaging 28 degrees centigrade. Dry season ranges from May to September, and rainy season is usually October to April. However, the climate could be considered tropical. Speaking in a general sense, if you are after sun, the best times to visit are May to September.


Beautiful Scenery:

You would do well to find anywhere else on earth, with the kinds of beautiful scenery on display in Indonesia. From white, sandy beaches to amazing hills and mountains, to the awesome architecture, Indonesia surely is one of the most amazingly fantastic looking places on the planet. You simply will not believe your eyes, every landscape could potentially be a postcard picture!

Getting There:

Indonesia has many big cities, so getting there easily isn’t an issue, as it is well served by many airlines. In booking your flights, accommodation etc, Traveloka or similar sites can assist you in booking the holiday of your dreams. Whether it is for friends or family, you can be assured of a tailor made experience to fit with your requirements. So if it’s watersports you’re into, or maybe just having a lounge on the beach, all can be arranged for you in advance, leaving you more time to simply chill out and enjoy yourself.

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia offers stunning beaches and exotic marine environments ideal for all sorts of watersports adventures. From world-class surfing and stand-up paddleboarding to snorkeling vibrant coral reefs, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to take your underwater explorations a bit deeper, Indonesia boasts some exceptional scuba dive sites as well. Experience drift diving along strong currents at Bunaken or explore a sunken WWII shipwreck off the coast of Tulamben. More advanced divers can check out manta ray cleaning stations or the renowned biodiversity of Raja Ampat.

And for those who feel truly at home in the ocean, have you ever considered training to become a dive professional yourself? Combining your passion with a career, you could guide others on their own underwater journey as a Open Water Scuba Instructor. There are numerous highly-regarded instructor programs like this scuba diver course gili that offer world-class scuba diver training certifications. Just jump in and see where the currents take you!


Jakarta – The Capital:

Located on the island of Java, Jakarta is the Capital city of Indonesia, and perhaps one of the best know cities, that come to mind when one things of Indonesia. And why wouldn’t it be? Jakarta is often called the gateway to Indonesia, as It is somewhat of a hub for tourists, looking to travel to alternative parts of the country. Jakarta is extremely well served with public transport, so getting around could not be any easier. But if you want to stay put, Jakarta has plenty to offer, from it’s culture to it’s amazing architecture.

This is just a small taster of what you can expect from Indonesia. Everything, from the local and traditional cuisines, to the shopping areas (such as markets, where you can pick up some amazing bespoke gifts or souvenirs), to the great weather, makes for the perfect holiday destination. It’s the kind of place that, you will just want to keep coming back to!