How to Keep Your Children Entertained During a Long Car Journey 

If you have young children, you will definitely know the stressful situation that arises from long car ride travel. The dulcet tones of ‘are we there yet?’ are usually heard from the back seat and can put a damper on your trip before it has even really begun. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can keep your children entertained. Below you can find some of our top tips for how you can keep your children entertained during a long car journey.

Toys and Games

Children typically find entertainment in toys and games. Consider packing their favorite toys to keep them engaged during the journey. Having their beloved toys at hand can offer comfort and amusement throughout the car ride. Furthermore, including a selection of travel-friendly games and puzzles can ensure they stay occupied, enhancing the journey’s enjoyment for both you and your children. If your children have outgrown their current toys, you can explore websites like or similar platforms to discover toys that are not only enjoyable but also educational.

Audio Books

If your children are very young, they may not yet be adept at reading more advanced books. If this is the case, then why not get them an mp3 player with audio books? Audiobooks are a great way to pass a few hours and can keep the kids engaged as they listen and watch the world go by.

Frequent Stops

When you have a long car journey with the children, it is a good idea to schedule in some stops along the way. This is probably something that you will need to do anyway as toilet breaks will be needed, but you can time these stops to coincide with interesting tourist attractions too that will give the children something to look forward to and everyone will be able to get out and stretch their legs which is sure to take away some of the stress of a long car trip.

DVD Player

Another way that you can entertain the children for a few hours is with a DVD player. You can get monitors installed into the back of your headrests which can be purchased from retailers such as Auto Anything. Let the kids pick out some of their favourite DVD’s then sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet as they become engrossed in their favourite films.


When you want your long car journey to pass with minimal fuss, we would recommend that you pack enough snacks to keep the kids full and happy. While a little bit of junk food is fine, you should also be packing lots of nutritious snacks such as bananas and raisins.

Get A Camera

Digital cameras can be bought very inexpensively nowadays and so this provides the perfect opportunity to grab one for the kids and to keep them entertained during your next long car journey. They’ll have tonnes of fun snapping pictures of each other and the world as it passes them by.

Word Games

While new digital technology can be great for keeping children entertained during long car journeys, sometimes you really just cannot beat a good old-fashioned word game. A traditional game such as I-Spy never gets old and is a great way to fire your children’s imagination, rather than having them just look at screens for the entire trip.

Keep you children entertained on your next long car journey with our fantastic top tips above!