The Four Keys to Success When Starting a Family Travel Blog

We live in an era where it seems like everyone around us is blogging.

Being left out of the blogosphere can feel quite lonely, especially if it’s due to career or family commitments.

That being said, why not turn your journey as a parent into its own lifestyle blog?

Travel blogs are all-the-rage right now; meanwhile, the benefits of family blogging include creating a digital scrapbook for your family and documenting your good times together. Likewise, savvy bloggers who build an audience and understand how to get discovered via search engines can actually turn their blogs into businesses through avenues such as affiliate marketing.

However, given that there are so many blogs out there, what can you possibly do to stand out?

Doing so may actually be easier than you think. Rather than sweat the small stuff, consider how you can start a family travel blog in a snap by implementing the following principles and covering all the right topics.

Target Trip-Planning Posts

Among the many pain points of families who struggle with traveling is the planning piece of the puzzle. After all, between booking reservations and balancing a budget, the idea of planning out a trip can be incredibly daunting for parents juggling kids and careers.

Consider writing comprehensive posts that cover how you booked an entire vacation, from flights to attractions and beyond. Outlining specific trips (think: to Disney World or the Grand Canyon, for example) represent opportunities to target keywords and be seen a go-to resource for fellow traveling families.

The point of such posts should be to leave no stone unturned in terms of planning; likewise, they serve as a future mental note for you when it comes to planning your own travel.

Get Personal (But Not Too Personal)

Many bloggers make the mistake of sounding too robotic or reserved when writing, which is a huge mistake. After all, your readers want to connect to your personality versus trying to engage with a boring, lifeless blogger.

While personal stories and anecdotes are certainly fair game, don’t give away too much of your family life. For example, you may want to be careful when including pictures of your children or anything that could reference your home address.

Segment Your Audience

The beauty of family blogging comes in the fact that you have two built-in audiences: parents looking to travel with their kids and parents looking to perhaps get some peace and quiet away from their children. You should segment your content strategy accordingly and include both types of posts instead of solely focusing on one or the other. A thorough knowledge of how search engine optimization (companies like Victorious might prove beneficial) and keywords work might prove beneficial to your content strategy plan.

Cover Budget-Friendly Topics

Posts covering money hacks and ways to save will always resonate with readers. If you have any travel tools that you consider to be absolutely essential, feel free to discuss them on your blog and perhaps review specific products that you think would be of interest to your readers. Likewise, such posts are natural places to stick affiliate links, allowing you to naturally make a few bucks from your blogging efforts.

Starting a family travel blog is an excellent idea for those looking to document their adventures and bring their families closer together. With the right topics and tone, you can amass a following for your blog sooner rather than later.