Food Lover’s Guide to Goa

A holiday in Goa is all about sun, surf and food. And if you are a sea food lover than this is the ultimate paradise for you. It’s a gastronomical heaven if you find the right food that will appeal to your taste buds.

If you are already on a holiday in Goa or planning one trip in the near future, here some mouth-watering goodness you should try

  1. Calamari or Squid: Squid or Calamari coated with some authentic Goan rechado masala or just pan fried with butter and garlic dip. Perfect food to be eaten with a chilled drink on the beach on a lovely evening.
  1. Rava prawn fry: Prawns or shrimp marinated with Goan spices then coated with rava and pan dried. Best eaten like an appetizer.
  1. Fish Thali: The complete meal of a fish curry, served with rice and a piece of fried fish of your choice, the fish thali is a must have if you love fish. A holiday in Goa must consist of at least one authentic thali to know how the locals like their fish.
  1. Crab Xacuti: Crabs marinated in a spicy Goan mixture made of roasted grated coconut, white poppy seeds, dried red chilies and various spices then cooked to perfection. Another one of Goas special masala to be tried when on a vacation in Goa.
  1. Bebinca: You can call this the official sweet of Goa. A multi layered dessert that is prepared from eggs, sugar, butter and coconut milk. According to locals, it takes a long time to cook and you need to be extremely patient to make this as each layer has to be cooked separately and then assembled.
  1. Feni and Urrak: Fenni, a local alcoholic beverage which can be made from either coconuts or cashew. This is an acquired taste as the flavour and the aroma is strong. Urrak is fermented cashew juice distilled once and is not as potent as Feni. A good drink for the summer holiday in Goa.
  1. Sausages: These have a different flavour than the ones you get in your regular meat shops. Strings of meat marinated with picking spices and then sundried usually served with rice or bread.
  1. Sorpotel: Once of the most famous Goan dishes, authentic sorpotel takes a long time to cook. But it’s a dish best eaten at a local’s house with some bread or rice.

There is so much more to be tasted in Goa. Look for local places that serve the food you crave. Ask SOTC to help you guide to some authentic restaurants.