Five Reasons to Choose a Road Trip Over Air Travel with Kids

When planning a family holiday there is often a whole lot to consider. The typical things such as budget and how long you can go away for tend to be some of the top considerations, but outside of that you’re faced with a whole bunch of decisions that can drastically alter just how successful the trip is. Obviously, you want to pick a destination that appeals to all and has a little something for each member of the family, but at the same time you want it to be a smooth and relaxing trip.

If you’ve only been considering destinations that include air travel it may be time to re-think your plans altogether. Air travel can be extremely stressful and even scary for small kids and doesn’t always get the holiday off to a great start. Dealing with the waiting time in airports, or worse yet, rushing to make a connecting flight, the duration of the flight can be pretty long, and the take-off and landing can be hard for little ones; it can all be a bit much. This is exactly why many families opt for a road trip instead.

Here we’ll take a look at five reasons to choose a road trip-style holiday over one that includes air travel with the kids.

You Set the Pace of the Trip

For most families the number one reason to plump for a road trip-style holiday over air travel is the fact you get to set the pace for the trip. It offers the utmost in flexibility. You decide how many hours per day you want to be on the road and when you take a break. This can work especially well with young kids, as you can read their mood and make decisions on the fly. Pulling over before the meltdown occurs will obviously make for a more enjoyable trip for all.

Choose the Stops the Kids Will Enjoy

Part of the allure of a road trip is the flexibility to make stops along the way and visit various points of interest. Air travel is strictly getting you from point A to point B without any deviations. With a road trip, you can add to the whole experience by packing in extra attractions.

A great tip before you head out on any road trip is to do ample research while planning your route. You want to look for sights and attractions that would entertain the kids, and then plan your route accordingly. There are all kinds of road-trip itinerary apps that will allow you to plug in your starting and ending locations, as well as the points of interest, and then it will plot the most logical route for you.

You Can Forego Accommodation

Another big bonus is the fact you can forego accommodation if you decide to invest in a campervan for travel. These days you could easily get a T6 camper for sale from a used car seller. This is the classic road trip vehicle that’s been around since the 60s. Campervans such as this provide you with added space and comfort on the road, but they also act as your accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about hotel expenses. All you have to do is find suitable campsites along the way. Some may even allow you to book in advance, so you can guarantee there will be a spot open and waiting for you.

Campervans also allow you to pack all the essentials of home without the worry of trying to fit it all in a small suitcase. Again, this can be extremely helpful when travelling with kids.

One important thing to note if you do plan on investing in a campervan is to be sure that you get campervan insurance before you take the vehicle on the road. Campervan insurance is not only a legal requirement, it can also prove invaluable if you’re involved in an accident or your vehicle is stolen.

You can use this comparison system by Quotezone in order to compare campervan insurance quotes and find the one that matches your specific needs and budget. This comparison tool beats you having to do all the legwork yourself, by checking in with various campervan insurance companies.

Easier on the Budget

Then there is the fact that road trips are often much easier on the budget than air travel is. If you’ve been wanting to take the family on a trip for quite some time but just don’t have the extra money, a road trip can make saving for the trip much more realistic.

A Chance for Family Bonding

Finally, there is the fact that a family road trip offers an excellent opportunity for family bonding. Everyone is relaxed, enjoying the scenery and the open road, not rushing from one gate to the next in a busy airport, and plenty of great memories are being made.

Fabulous Reasons to Choose a Road Trip

These are just some of the many benefits in opting for a road trip with the kids rather than air travel on your next holiday.