John Denver sang about it, and if you know anything about beer, you’ve read about it. So what are five things that make Colorado a state to visit?


Incredible scenery

Located in the heart of America’s Rocky Mountains, Colorado contains some of the most amazing scenic splendor in the United States. One of the easiest entry points to the majesty is Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Situated on the continental divide, one-third of the park is above the tree line, allowing for some epic vistas. Colorado is home to 53 peaks over 14,000 feet. Colorado is also home to some of the strongest elk herds in the U.S. Each September, the air is filled with the bugling of bulls as they enter the rut.

Amazing concerts

Catching a show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an experience to be had. From U2 to Incubus, and so much more, this is a highlight destination for bands, guaranteeing their best performances. The acoustics match the scenery too! Legendary for its sound perfection, as well as the experience of sitting below the two sandstone monoliths, listening to your favorite band at Red Rocks will never be forgotten.

Top flight sports

Basketball, baseball, hockey, and football are all world-class in Colorado. Denver is the smallest city in the U.S. to have four professional sports teams, so whenever you’re there, you have a chance to see a game. With Super Bowl and Stanley Cups passing through Denver, you know you’ll see some of the best athletics in the world. Pride in their teams is rampant to fanatical, so make sure your family buys and wears the home team gear for a great time.

Superb skiing

If you love skiing, Colorado is arguably the place to go. Names like Steamboat Springs and Aspen are legendary. Colorado has the longest lift operational ski season in the country, with two resorts staying open until May or June. The resorts are family-friendly and offer something for everyone. The powder is legit, and there is always good snow somewhere under some amazing bluebird days. There is easy access to the locals and the major ski areas that are more to the backcountry have consistent shuttles. Plus, the availability of skiing and snowboarding rental shops like make it convenient for luggage-free travel. So, if you are a skier, Colorado is undoubtedly the best place you can visit.

The Breweries and More

There are 29 listed breweries in Colorado. Best know is the Adolf Coors Co., the largest single brewery in the world, then after that, there is a tremendously brave and talented list of some of the best breweries in America. New Belgium, Great Divide, and Odell are some of the top names. New Belgium is notable for being the largest and first wind-powered brewery in the world.

Colorado is also a mecca for their legalization of marijuana. Reports indicate that 16.4 million people visited Denver in 2015, a one million person increase in visitation. Though not a direct correlation, legal weed is an additional draw to the state thanks to people wanting to come and test some of the highest quality cannabis grown and sold, as well as visit the many different headshop options available to them, after all there are many new huge establishments that could be attractions for tourists visiting.

Sales figures reached $996 million with $135 million in taxes being returned to the state. There is a downside to any type of alcohol or drug use, but the growing success in pot tourism and the draw of great skiing, great beer, and legal weed is undeniable.