Finding Money for that Family Vacation

Everybody loves a good vacation! But that doesn’t mean it’s something that’s easy to afford. That means, especially if you want to take the whole family summer special, you have to figure out where to get the money. You have to figure out how that’s not going to affect your standard of living negatively after you spend it.

Some things you may do to locate some cash include appraising your house, setting a hard-core budget, going on a vacation sometime in the off-season, and even potentially crowdsourcing fundraisers, for those of you that are extremely creative. Some people may even look at playing online games to see if they can build up their cash. This could be playing video games for some money or even looking at online casinos to be entertained as well as potentially win some holiday spends. However, it is important to bear in mind that some are not always legitimate, so it is essential that people look up “is blackout bingo legit?” “Is this website secure?” “Do I need a VPN to play online?” and so on.

Appraise Your House

If you’re planning on going on a family vacation, especially if it’s expensive, then you want to know how much value is in your life. You want to know how much your cars are worth. You may want to appraise your house. Knowing that you have tens of thousands of dollars in value these significant investments, you may feel more comfortable putting some serious cash down into a fantastic vacation. If the value of your home and your other major purchases aren’t that high, you may think twice about going on an African safari for three weeks with your extended family.

Set a Hardcore Budget

The tighter you set your family budget, the more money you’ll have for vacation. Budgeting for vacation means trying to trim the fat off all of the things that you don’t really need. This might be getting rid of the cable subscription for a while. It could be making it so that you don’t spend any money on fast food, but rather spend money at the grocery store to save money in the long run. Maybe you can make your clothes stipend smaller for a few months. The point is to decide what’s necessary, and then get rid of the rest.

Go Somewhere in the Offseason

It’s always cheaper to travel to a vacation location in the off-season. This might mean going to a ski resort when it’s not snowing. It might mean going to a coastal beach in the winter or when it’s cold. Maybe you don’t have ideal tourist conditions, but at the very least, you’ll save enough money to be able to go there at all.

Crowdsourced Fundraisers

For the truly creative and potentially desperate person, you can crowdsource or vacation. A vast majority of the time this is not successful. However, if you have a compelling reason to put yourself out there on it a go fund me page, and are being honest about your restrictions, sometimes you can scratch together enough cash to for the vacation you want. It’s up to you to tell the right kind of story that makes it seem like people would want to help you share your vision of a dream vacation.