Dubai is a metropolitan city known for its exceptional pulling power in attracting foreign investors and tourists. Exclusive property developments, glamourous social lifestyle events as well as record-breaking attractions are amongst the key elements that contribute to the local economy of the city. In conjunction to the city hosting the upcoming World Expo 2020 on 20th October next year, here we take a look at 5 of the most distinct attractions that you should consider visiting in Dubai:

1) Ain Dubai

This enormous Ferris wheel boasts a world-record height of 210 metres, which makes it the world’s tallest of its kind! Situated nearby Jumeirah Beach, visitors will experience breath-taking views of the surrounding oceanic environment while soaking in beautiful sights of Dubai’s other notable landmarks such as the Burj Al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah! Having its home on Bluewaters Island, you may opt to spend the nights over at the exclusive Bluewaters Residences by Meraas! Having access to all kinds of amenities on the island, you are sure to create some amazing memories by visiting Ain Dubai.

2) Burj Khalifa

            Another of Dubai’s most proud achievements, Burj Khalifa is currently the world’s tallest skyscraper ever built! With a total height reaching up to 829.8 metres, observation decks located at certain points of the structure provides stunning landscape views of the surrounding area! Burj Khalifa is the central piece of Dubai’s large-scale district of Downtown Dubai, which encompasses numerous retail outlets, fine dining experiences and luxurious residential lots.

3) Dubai Fountain

Masterfully designed by California-based WET Design, the Dubai Fountain is another of Dubai’s iconic record-beaters! At 275 metres long, this city fountain is by far the biggest water fountain ever to be built in the world! Local and foreign visitors visiting Downtown Dubai will surely come to experience the colourful light and water performances scheduled on specific times throughout the week! If you are planning on visiting the water fountain, it’s best to come by during the night to better appreciate the light and musical performances in all its glory.

4) Palm Jumeirah

This unique land mass was first developed by Nakheel Properties in the year 2001. Throughout the years, Palm Jumeirah has been able to accommodate new residential projects as well as public activities for residents and tourists alike! Having a distinct design reminiscent of a palm tree, visitors are welcomed to indulge in outdoor activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, free-fall sky diving and so much more! In addition to nearby residential communities like Emaar Beachfront apartments and Port De La Mer apartments being conveniently accessible, you are certain to have your days packed with many activities to squander on!

5) Dubai Aquarium

A silent tourist attraction, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a splendid place for animal enthusiasts to come closer to their aquatic counterparts! Located on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, this underwater haven is home to around 140 different species of oceanic creatures. Notwithstanding its daily opening hours, you can also schedule social events such as birthday parties for that special once-in-a-lifetime moment!

These are the 5 local attractions that you are sure not to miss out on during your stay in Dubai! There are certainly numerous other special landmarks scattered around Dubai to fulfil that exploring itch of yours. However, if you wish to start with the best places providing the most value, feel free to visit any of these wonderful tourist locations here in the city.