Brits behaving badly

Going on holiday is all about relaxing, letting loose and having fun, but it seems a few people have a bit too much fun. According to new research 44% of British holiday makers have put themselves in potentially dangerous situations whilst away, taking more risks than they would do at home. It shoes many people are not as careful with their personal safety on holiday, trusting strangers, not looking after personal belongingness and drinking too much to the point of blackout are some of the potentially dangerous situations Brits have found themselves in.

The research conducted by online money saving and voucher code website My Voucher Codes found that many people admitted to; ‘’trusting strangers’, closely followed by; ‘not looking after personal belongings’. It’s understandable that people drink a little bit more on holiday than they would at home, but it doesn’t mean you should abandon all common sense. It’s more important than ever to be aware of your personal surroundings when you travel, you don’t want to lose anything important or worse find yourself in harm’s way.

Here are what people admitted to doing on holiday:

  • Drinking too much to the point of blackout – 18%
  • Drink driving – 6%
  • Taking drugs – 12%
  • Unprotected sex with a one night stand – 23%
  • Not looking after personal health – 28%
  • Not looking after personal belongings – 34%
  • Trusting strangers – 43%

It’s scary to think how many people trust strangers whilst they are on holiday and also how many people don’t look after their personal belongings. However I feel that a lot of this is down to alcohol. Only 18% drink until the point of blackout but I bet many of these people who admitted to these risks probably had been drinking at the time. I think if you have a family it is different we don’t really drink on holiday, except the odd glass of wine for an evening meal. If you’re self-catering and have to drive then only one person gets to drink and well who wants to be the only one drinking.

I think when you travel with kids as well you are so much more aware of everything around you, people, strangers, traffic and of course your kids, keeping one eye out all the time for the worst to happen. We still relax but sometimes on holiday so many more things can go wrong or happen you just need to be more aware and not leave anything to chance.