Beginner Tips on Removing a Photo Background

There are many times when the background of the photo you snap with your camera looks dull and you wish you could replace it with another more interesting background. It is hard to shoot a photo with a perfect background for some people. For example, the area where you live may not have any location with nice scenery. In addition, there are always disturbances such as people walking pass when you are taking the photo. In this situation, you should make use of a photo editing tool to replace the background.

Most people would rather not remove background from image when they think how complicated it would be in order to use an advanced photo editing tool to perform the task. Actually, it is not necessary to pay a few hundred dollars to buy an advanced photo editor just to replace the background. Photo background removal can be easily done nowadays with the help of a simple photo editing tool. There are many available, and I know a lot of people recommend the photopea download, but I am going to focus on Movavi Photo Editor as this is one I am familiar with. Movavi Photo Editor makes photo background removal as easy as marking the background and pressing a single button to neatly remove it within a few seconds.

You must first load the photo into Movavi Photo Editor by clicking the Browse for Images button. Once the photo is loaded, you must navigate to the background removal tab where you will find tools for removing the photo background. You will see two types of brushes including green brush which is marked by a plus sign and red brush which is marked by a minus sign. The green brush tool is used to draw a silhouette on the main subject that you want to keep while the red brush tool is for marking the unwanted background that you wish to delete.

When marking the background, you just need to put a stroke or two on the background and the algorithm will automatically recognize that it is the area that you want to delete. If you make mistake when marking the background, you can use the selection eraser tool to erase the mistake marks. Movavi Photo Editor offers three boundary selection options that affect silhouette of the foreground subject when the background is removed. You can play around with three boundary selection options to see which one look the best.

When you are satisfied in the marking of the subjects and unwanted background, you can proceed to the next step of setting a new background by clicking on the Set New Background tab. If you mark the subject and unwanted background properly, the background should be cleanly removed now. If not, you can click on the select foreground tab and go back to use the eraser too erase the mistake marks.

To give your photo a new background, you can click the Add Image button. You can also drag a photo on your desktop or other folder directly into the preview pane to use as the new background picture. If you add the wrong picture, you simply click the Add Image button to choose the right picture.

You can drag the cut out image to a new position with your mouse cursor. If after cropping, there are a lot of empty spaces in the background, you can the crop tool to crop it. This is best for image that you want to save in a transparent background. If you prefer not to add a new background image, you can use the color palette to change the background color. The image with the background removed can be saved just like that.

To save the picture, you must click the save as button and select one of the file extensions, for example jpg, and PNG. If you want to save the image in transparency, the file extension you choose should be PNG or GIF. If you make any edit after the file is saved, make sure you click the export button to save it again to overwrite the changes.