Animal Stars from Around the World at the Singapore Zoo

One of the biggest attractions for families that are vacationing in Singapore has to be the amazing Singapore Zoo. With its collection of animals from around the world, many of them rare and never before seen species, it is a trip worth taking. Best of all, don’t forget to bring the kids. The zoo has over 300 species represented in a setting that is both humane for the animals and comfortable for those of us lucky enough to be visiting. When it comes to a trip that is both fun and educational, the Singapore Zoo is a great choice for families big and small.

Breakfast with Orangutans

Can you imagine sitting down to breakfast surrounded by lush jungle and listening to the joyful hoots of nearby orangutans? Well you will when you decide to book a breakfast at the zoo. It is just one of several great events that you can plan to enjoy when you come out to the Singapore Zoo. The breakfast nook is smack in the middle of the zoo and plays host to a wild array of amusing monkeys and chimps.

As if that wasn’t enough, the zoo has several shows that will educate the entire family on the roles that elephants play as work animals, the many exciting projects being done now to preserve and protect the rain forest and even a chance to see baby animals at play. If walking through the zoo becomes too tiring for little feet, there is a tram that will take you around the 69-acre park-like setting and tell you all about what you are seeing to boot.

Kids Can Play and Learn at Singapore Zoo

While it is all very fine to walk and ride through the zoo, even the most well behaved kids need a break now and again. That is when you will want to head out to the interactive Rainforest Kidzworld. Here the kids can engage their natural curiosity about the animals they have seen around them. They can also play off some of that extra energy with slides, a pool to keep cool and even some tubes for plenty of action and fun. They can get up close and personal with the zoo’s goats, rabbits and even tiny horses at the Keeper Encounter made just for them.

Dining is an Adventure Too

At the end of the day you don’t have to even leave the zoo to enjoy a nice meal. For those who miss the taste of home, the zoo has a KFC outlet with authentic Southern Style Fried Chicken made just the way the Colonel would have liked it. If you prefer a more Asian style of cooking, the Ah Meng Kitchen will serve you up a tasty treat. The eatery is named after one of the zoo’s favorite citizens, the famous orangutan Ah Meng. This place specializes in local cuisine that is sure to please the fussiest eater.

From breakfast with the many cousins of the jungle to dinner in a kitchen named after a favorite orangutan, the zoo is filled with memories in the making. Ride through the zoo on a tram, walk along the elevated walkways to view the herds of antelope or wonder at the Komodo dragons. Whatever you see at the Singapore Zoo is bound to make you once again appreciate the diverse magic of nature and all it’s bounty.