5 Ways To Save On Family Holidays

We all know how hard it is to save up for family holidays. Whenever you try to build up a nest egg, there’s always something else that needs paying for. It’s a lot easier to pull it off if you can get your family holiday for cheaper. These five methods are essential if you want to save money on your trips.

  1. Use Alternative Accommodation

Research recently undertaken by My Voucher Codes has provided a few ways that families can save for their holidays. One of the best suggestions was to look for cheaper accommodation. Try booking your flights and hotel separately as you could get a better deal this way. You can use comparison sites to look for good deals, and also look for better value for money by renting an apartment or villa rather than going to a hotel. If you want to really save money, use alternative accommodation, like Airbnb. This gives you a cheaper rate with the full immersive experience.

  1. Try Unique Destinations

Rather than going for the obvious tourist destinations, it might be time to try something new. You could go for something a little outside of the central areas for a more authentic experience. You can also try a different country – if everyone is going to Italy or Spain, why not go somewhere less popular? You will get a unique experience and you will save a lot of money. It’s a great way to try ‘undiscovered’ locations – and you can still get a city break or a beach holiday in remote places too.

  1. Sacrifice Convenience

Obviously travelling with kids can be a lot of hassle, especially if your little ones don’t enjoy flying or being in the car for a long time. But if they don’t mind it, you can try sacrificing a bit of convenience in exchange for some super savings. The research suggests that you could try a number of options, such as taking a flight which has a stopover on the way instead of a direct flight. You can also go for late night or early morning flights, which are not usually preferred by most holidaymakers. Although it’s nice to book a holiday and go soon after, you can also try booking well in advance to make some savings.

  1. Try A Package Holiday

Package holidays are a great way to save on the costs! You can include everything under one umbrella price, although you will be more restricted on the dates that you can travel and even the places that you can go. You don’t have to worry about taking spending money with you if drinks and food are provided, and you can also get deals where all transfers are included as well so you avoid taxis and buses. All-inclusive options also usually include free activities for the kids, so everyone’s happy!

  1. Cut The Little Costs

There are lots of little ways to save money that don’t have to be big, sweeping gestures. When going for a shorter break, pack as much as possible into your hand luggage and try not to check any baggage, as this costs extra. Take your own food and drinks to the airport, and if it’s acceptable to bring food into the country, you can pack some inexpensive snacks in your luggage as well. Take an empty water bottle with you and fill it up in the toilets once past security.

All of these little tips will add up to make a big difference in your savings, if you remember them when you plan your holiday.